Better to convince people than to force them

It is better to convince people than to force them: DISAGREE/ Agree I would like to talk to you about today the topic “convincing people is better forcing them” and I am against this saying no forcing people is better but I also agree and saying that convincing Is better, please don’t get confused because in some cases it is truly better to force people but in some other cases it is better to convince all depending on the situation. There are a few ways to prove this point. One, forcing someone to do something is quicker and more efficient. There is also a term “fake it till you make it”.

Convincing people might make it slower and waste time but in some cases it will be more efficient and thus be less violence. Forcing people can be quicker and more efficient. I believe in some cases being forced to do something is much more effective than convincing since it will be a waste of time. One, Valley and the damn

Another example is homework, I know we all hate it but, we have to do it, we are forced to because of teachers and parents even though we don’t want to we are forced to do so but imagine if they tried to convince us but, obviously no one will actually do it in the end, in other words you can say they force us because they want what is best for us. Have you ever heard the term “Fake it until you make it” before? New school

Working out
Convincing people does take time but reduces all force or in some cases war or violence. Palestine and Israel war for the past almost 70 years

Imagine a world where there were no advertisement and you were forced to eat them than to convince them. Eating products forcefully Buying forcefully.

But this might not always work in some cases like for example in Syria where the war that has been occurring for more than two years and after all the bloodshed and lives lost there is no room for trying to convince someone who has lost everything to the regime to stop fighting. Trying to convince some and to force someone both have their own time and place. To reduce violence

Not to waste time in case of emergency