Biodiversity Essay

Does encaging the animals in such places as zoo and aquarium be clarified as preserving biodiversity? There are two sides to this issue. Main points that support the idea of keeping the animals in cages that often come up are zoos are able to provide protection and they can increase the population of those species who are endangered (Hurley, J). Some important points that are against the idea of encaging the animals include the animals develop abnormal behaviours and they believe that the zoos use the animals as an entertaining source for the public (Hurley, J). Secondary source will be used in the essay, including information collected from webpages. Biodiversity is not only about the wide variety of living things, including plants, animals and microorganism but it also includes the ecosystem in which the living things form and live in and their genetic information. There are three levels of diversities to explore in biodiversity.

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All three diversities work together in order to form complexity upon the lives on Earth and these three include genetic diversity, ecosystem diversity and species diversity. Zoos however, can be an advantage and disadvantage for biodiversity. Zoos contain thousands of living organisms and some are in great need of attention cause of the threat of being endangered. Zoos can preserve biodiversity by protecting the endangered animals and try their best to increase their population. Animals however, can be negatively affected by zoos due to the fact that the animals are kept in cages which cause the animals a lot of physical and mental issues. Many argue that keeping animals in captive disables them to hunt and cause serious mental illnesses. Zoos try to create a better environment for the animals to live and breed by using technology and money to imitate the wild setting.

But in reality, it is impossible to build a space where animals like tigers and lions can chase their prey. It is not possible for them to learn how to hunt when the animals are hand fed their whole life. Being in captivity means shelter but it also means enclosed. Animals can develop abnormal behaviours like grooming themselves, eating their faeces and also being abnormally aggressive. It is also possible that the animals can generate depression due to the lack of companionship and confidence. Breeding Programs might sound very beneficial but according to Zoo Check organization, animals are more likely to die when they were bred in captivity. Does our entertainment really worth their suffering? The other argument that supports the idea of zoos keeping the animals in captive believe that zoos can protect the endangered species by providing shelter and help the ones whom are endangered to increase their population through breeding program.

Zoos have been preserving endangered species for decade. Without their help Mongolian wild horse, the European and American bison would not remain to this day. Hundreds of endangered animals were brought back to Earth through zoos and their breeding programs. It is a huge risk to let the endangered animals to be out in the wild where predators and hunters can easily harm them. The animals can die without an appropriate purpose since hunters only want the animals for their exotic fur or precious horns so keeping them from the zoos can provide great protection from predators and hunters. Breeding program had has helped thousands of animals to restore their population. Without the program, the black footed ferret, the cheetah and the Wyoming toad would not have the chance to walk this Earth again.

Personally, I think it is essential to keep the animal in the wild. Letting the animals to live in their normal and natural habitat can help to preserve biodiversity since it will not affect other animals’ diets. Losing preys can cause the animals to move away and the animals are forced to deal with their new environment. There’s more chance of the animal being killed and messing up the cycle of predator and prey when they move to a new area. I strongly believe that since most endangered species suffer from habitat loss, we should try to preserve or rebuild the animals’ natural habitats. In conclusion, the two points from each argument are very strong and both can affect biodiversity. Keeping the animal in captive will not do them any good but there’s always benefit in keeping them in captivity because of the shelter and breeding program that the zoos can provide. Breeding programs are great benefit to biodiversity so it is essential to keep them going so the animals can walk the Earth without the fear of being extinct.

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