Bologna Process in Ukraine

How was the Bologna process creating? And, how is it join in Ukraine? The Bologna process was created by Ministers of Education from 29 European countries in the Italy city of Bologna. It is provide European higher education area by making academic degree standards more comparable and compatible. From the 2005 Ukraine could join the Bologna Process. There are three qualification levels in higher education nowadays: Bachelor, Specialist and Master. According to the Bologna system there are two main cycles, Graduate and Postgraduate. This has been divided into 3 levels of study: Bachelor – basic higher education aimed at acquiring the essential skills for professional life. Masters – advanced postgraduate studies aimed at acquiring specific professional skills and research competencies. Doctorate – advanced postgraduate studies which focus specifically on research. On the other hand the introduction of the Bologna Process in Ukraine is not perfect and needs to be revised. Ukraine would have to solve two important problems: the quality of education and its intelligibility. The solution of this problems would make our university graduates competitive on the European workforce market and would ensure the personnel that employers would hire is highly qualified. In addition this reform doesn’t solve the corruption problem. When just the Bologna Process act in our country, one of the university raised tuition fees, explaining this by the introduction of the Bologna standards. I think the Bologna process is an important step not only in the development of higher education, but in general for the Ukrainian society.

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