Boston Marathon

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18 March 2016

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“Whoever controls the media controls the mind” (Morrison). There are an unknown number of people who watch news daily and there are some who just watch them once in a while. Majority of these people who watch media do it just to catch up with some information and know what’s going on nationwide or worldwide. Media such as newspaper, TV news and social networks are really trusted by the society, therefore no matter what they say the majority of people trust the information that the media provides us. My cousin Manny Rosario and I got into an intense argument about the attack in Boston. His statement is how the government is manipulating the media about the bombing incident. He wanted to prove me that the government has something to do with the attack and also is manipulating the media with fake or inaccurate information so we can believe whatever the media says.

When I first heard about the attack on the media I was so sure that the government did a good job but Manny showed me a video as evidence to reinforce his statement. Now I am standing in the middle of a circle of accurate and inaccurate information, but unfortunately I can’t decide who to trust. The media is not always right with the information that they are publishing therefore you can’t always trust the most reliable sources when there is a news. To trust the media right after the event it is not a bad idea, but we need to know how to evaluate the information provided. The media controls our minds because they have the information that we are seeking, but we can rate the sources as accurate and non-accurate or incorrect. If you like to watch the news online, you should look at more trusted websites and match the information.

Furthermore look for evidence that proves that the information is accurate. View the author’s bibliography and make sure the author knows about the topic and somehow has something to do with the topic. During the Marathon in Boston on April 15, 2013 there were a lot of rumors about the explosion. The media was so desperate to find a suspect that they made an unknown number of speculations about people who were looking suspicious to them. At the beginning of the week when there were not pictures of the suspects the media was wondering if the attack was made by an al Qaeda group or if the person who did it was related to them. There was an Indian American student who was accused as suspect number two by a website called The information was declared incorrect after a few days. The general manager of website reddit “Erik Martin” apologized in public to the student for the misunderstanding (Alexander).

Many reporters were looking for evidence where they can find or identify a suspect. After the attack many pictures were sent to the TV, newspaper, and radio Stations, but there was one picture published on Twitter by a marathon spectator Dan Lampariello that caused an immense rumor. Lampariello posted a picture of an individual on top of the roof of a building. The picture rapidly got 2,361 retweets and 620 favorites which is a lot for a picture posted the same day of the attack. A lot of people were alarm because the rumor and the false information of the supposed suspect on top of the roof were spread around by the users of the social networks. The FBI declined to mention on the photo or any other rumor (Brenner). There was a speculation about another bomb the same day of the marathon minutes after the Bombing.

This speculation was about a bomb that went off at the JFK Library in Boston. A Police Commissioner Edward Davis said during a press conference that besides those two bombs that went off during the marathon, there is a third case occurred at the Library and the authorities consider this as related to the attack. During the investigation the rumor was still being reported and the false information was being watched at everyone’s house even in my house. In the evening of the next day the authorities said, “The JFK incident may not have been an explosion; rather, it appears to be fire-related” (Brenner). The reality of the fire on the library was a mechanical fire that broke out about the same time the two bombs went off (Brenner).

In the course of the bombing there were a lot of victims involved in the incident, 144 people were reported injured. Unfortunately there were 3 people dead. Martin Richard was one of those who unluckily died while watching the marathon. A lot of different versions of the story were circulating by the news. The rumor was about an 8 years old girl from Sandy Hook that was running the marathon and died while she was running. The media was wrong once again with this information and many people were there wrong information delivered to their housed by the media. Richard’s mother and his sister were gravely hurt in the attack. This information was declared by Richard’s father who said “My dear son Martin has died from injuries sustained in the attack on Boston…. My wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries.” (Brenner).

For the period of the week the FBI were collecting as much information as they could so they could investigate it. Two videos were published about two suspects walking near the place were the second bomb went off. The FBI called them black hat suspect and white hat suspect. On the video, it is well shown how they were carrying backpacks with them. The FBI published the two pictures of the suspects and the broadcast did an accurate job this time because they posted and shared the pictures with the State of Massachusetts and the entire United States of America. The authorities found the suspects’ location when they killed a MIT officer who was on duty. On Thursday, April 18, the FBI official decided to share the pictures of the two suspects involved in the attacks because they knew the media was going to publish it right away. The purpose of it was to get the audience aware and call the FBI or any police department if they see anything suspicious.

The FBI received information about two suspects who robbed a seven eleven and shoot a couple times against an officer who was on his car. The police department started the chase against the two brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsnarnaev. The police had a man on the ground in Watertown which was suspect number 1 Tamerlan Tsnarnaev. The second suspect was still on the run. The FBI, SWAT team, State Police and Boston police had a manhunt looking for Dzhokhar Tsnarnaev. The officials were looking for the suspect in Watertown. Dzhokhar was captured at night inside a boat that was in someone’s driveway covered by blood (The Telegraph).

When you are looking for sources online or watching any news it is always a good Idea to think as a critical thinker. Don’t let the media always control your mind giving you all these inaccurate information. Make your own research finding precise evidence and compare it with other information related.

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