Bullying and the effects on the individuals


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The purpose of this paper is to explain what is bullying and the consequences of bullying. Bullying is where the bullier intentially causes physical harm or emotional stress to the victim. Bullies are angry and aggressive and dominate their victims and choose their targets by weakness and vulnerability and the victim is non dominant and usually does not fight back. There are severe warning signs that this is not a normal behavior and usually starts as a child and can still be a behavior done in adulthood. There are four different types of bullying and several descriptive behaviors.

Bullying can lead to severe self-esteem issues.

Aggressive behavior, dominant individual who abuses power by threating less dominant individual. Behavior is repeated or has potential to become repetitive over time. Bullying includes making threats spreading rumors, attacking someone or seclusion. This can be in person or anonymously by being a cyber-bully. This is important because bullying or being bullied appear to indicate that something is wrong and children who experience bullying either as aggressor or a victim need help. Bullying start as a child and without help it can grow into a big issue to deal with as an adult.


There are three most common types of bullying and numerous tactics used when targeting their victims. Bullies intend to harm their victims with power imbalance. Power imbalance is crucial for the bully because their victim cannot defend themselves. Power difference can be age, size, or strength. The victim as a result can feel weak, small, vulnerable, scared and dumb. There is typically more than one time that the bully will attack there same victim. Weather it is the same act or different behaviors on the victim. The third aspect on bully behaviors is the intentions to cause harm another person. The bully harasses people on purpose. Their behavior is not a “joke” or accident. The victim feels embarrassed, ashamed, angry, or scared.

There are different forms of bullying; physical, verbal, cyber and relational aggression. Physical involves hitting, kicking, pushing, tripping, stealing or breaking property. Verbal abuse hurts the victim emotionally with words. Name calling, threating, yelling, intimidation and laughing. Relational uses other people to hurt their victims. This is more hurtful to some people because their friends are talking behind their back. The bully spreads rumors and gossip around. The last form is cyberbullying which is done with improved technology. This can be over the internet, email, text or social media. The bully can interact relational and verbal forms. Name calling, insults and lies or threats can lead to physical harm to the victim. This can happen 24/7 and anonymously. So it is harder to find out who is the bully.

There are many influences that the bully has and that is the reason why the bully has certain behaviors. Gender, orientation, environment, family problems, race or developmental problems. The bully usually has anger issues and experiences some type of abuse. The person takes out their feelings on someone who can or will not fight back. The bully may be physically and verbally abused by parents or older siblings. So when they are around someone who is not a threat they tend to do the same abuse to the victim to feel superior and worthy. The parents may have substance abuse, emotional issues, low self-esteem, single parent household and many other reasons. The family is not connected and bad communication. Lack of rules may also play a role.

The victims have low self-esteem because they feel powerless. They listen and believe what is said to them and about them. They may feel helpless, hopeless hurt non worthy and have negative outcomes, anxiety and depression. These can lead to substance abuse, drinking and lack of motivation, eating disorders and increase risk of suicide. These are main of bullying.


In conclusion bullying is a nationwide problem and it has major problems that affect another human being. This usually starts as a child and never ends without proper treatment. There is a behavior problem that is not normal to intentially cause harm to another person. there are many factors that influence the bully behavior. The victim as a result has low self-esteem. Depression and anxiety. The dominant and less dominant parties need and is recommended to get counseling to reduce long term constiquences. The improved bullying is done with updated technology and can remain unknown.


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