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19 February 2016

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          In the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful A beautiful scene of dusk depicts a sweet picture of the universe, when the sun sets, and calm and stillness engulfs the loud voices of the day, I often see the birds returning back to their nests. These tiny creatures, lacking the faculty of reasoning and speech, believe that the best place ever found in the world is home. No matter how far we are from our homes, its necessity never diminishes and Mr. President, respectable teachers worthy parents and dear fellows this is the first reason Why I love Pakistan? Pakistan’s creation was no doubt the finest hour of our history our forefathers who had fought for it envisioned the promise of long cherished freedom, democracy and prosperity. It is the country which was created to work for an ideal democratic state based on social justice as an upholder of human freedom and world peace, in which all citizens were to enjoy equal rights and freedom from fear, want and ignorance. Dear fellows, Pakistan my homeland is in fact the land of blessings. Its creation speaks its dignity. History teaches us that how much cherished the dream of Pakistan was and how seriously our fathers fought for it .believe me or not, the most significant reason of loving Pakistan is independence movement itself. I know very well Mr. President that the shackles of slavery snatch all such all creative facilities and the beautiful world a heaven to breathe in, turns into hell without freedom. By the grace of Allah my country, my love, my homeland offers me to enjoy the open air of independence .Being a student I have surfaced the papers of history to know about the grand sacrifices of my forefathers and as humble token I express my gratitude to them by proudly announcing in public that Pakistan I love u . ,And I have millions of reasons to prove that why I love Pakistan? I was wondering a few days ago what Pakistan has done for me and how we react when something happens down there. I am proud to say that Im Muslim, and after my religion I am most proud of the country to which I belong, Pakistan. Here are some facts:

Pakistan is the only country to be founded on the basis of Islam

Pakistan posseses the 6th largest army in the world today.

Pakistan is the single most powerful Muslim country in the world today.

Pakistani Air Force and Army personnel train all other Muslim countries, which include most Arab nations today.

Pakistan is the only Muslim country that posseses Nuclear power.

Pakistan is the bridge between the Middle East and South Asia.

Pakistan is one of the oldest civilizations (5000 year known history), it is a mix of cultures Dear guests, I am a Pakistani student and citizen, I believe on unity and, friendship, I have no fear, I can see the bright future of Pakistan. as Quaid said.” There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan”. In end I would pray all of you to love this country as a blessing of God, stand united, guard its identity and geographical boundaries, work day and night for its better and exalted image,. Live like Ghazis and Shaheens of Iqbal, die like martyrs. I want to salute to all national heroes and my teachers on this great day, when ever listen the best name Pakistan always respond Zindabad. Its high time to hold hands and say it out loud.pakistan zindabad.Salute Pakistan.

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