Can Money Buy Happiness?

“When you have money in hand, only you forget who you are, When you don’t have any money in your hand, the whole world forgets who you are” -Bill Gates

Good Morning respected teachers and dear friends. Can Money Guarantee Happiness? It is one of the most heavily disputed questions of all time. However if we look at it practically, we will find an immediate answer, that, YES, Money in all its splendour, is the key to happiness. Imagine being able to buy whatever you wish for- cars, palatial houses, helicopters, jet planes, a journey to space, a walk on the moon-wouldn’t it give you joy & happiness, not to mention an envious social status? Definitely it would and what do you think would allow you to buy these things? The answer is, of course, MONEY! Money, thus, definitely guarantees happiness! To argue on this point, we must observe that the very invention of money was to bring happiness and balance to human life. What with the barter system and its many setbacks, the idea of money instituted a sense of equilibrium, so that everyone could follow a definite routine and a similar pattern of things.

Without money, man would be a barbarian with no sense of stability! Money is something that distinguishes man from an animal. How, then, can my worthy opponents say that money does not guarantee happiness and that people would be happier without it? I do think anybody who says that money is everything but happiness would agree that donating brings joy. What will you give to others when you yourself don’t have anything? And how would have anything without buying it using money? Poverty is the greatest curse. It is the lack of money that compels people to cheat or even murder. If one has money, one can buy all things that he or she wants. A torn jeans worn by the rich becomes a fashion statement, whatever the rich do becomes customs & what they say becomes law!

Money can buy you authority, power, obedience and whatnot! By appointing domestic servants, you aren’t only saving your time so that you can enjoy with your family, but are also taking an uneducated person out of unemployment. Coins & Notes bring you closer to people. Social interactions lead to happiness and self satisfaction. And how can you host a party for your long-lost friends or go out for a movie with your family if you don’t have money? Money helps you to travel to exotic places, meet new people at luxurious events & thus give a treasure trove of happy memories & a bountiful of acquaintances!

What do you think?

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