Canon photo chains


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The message behind photo chains was to inspire people by spreading from one photograph to another as the next creative experience.  The goal behind photo chains was to build accurate insight, which is the main requirement to assemble strong engagement and a strong background of supporting ideas.  The purpose of Photo chains was to encourage consumers increase their experience with canon camera lens technology.  The campaign was launched to allow people to compete and show their photo experience.  The idea behind this photo chains was to create brand awareness and market their products. This would result in attracting many customers to buy canon products.

Which marketing positioning strategy Canon used in this campaign? Why?

As marketing positioning strategy, Canon launched an online campaign referred to as imagination.  This campaign was a photo contest which encouraged people to participate by uploading their photos.  This campaign was to create awareness about their quality brand which they had created with purpose of inspiring its consumers. Perreault, Cannon & McCarthy (2012) states that customers tend to have more power in making purchases when they have detailed information of the product or services they are targeting to buy.  Canon used this strategy by creating photo chains of which were advertised through television and social networks.  This advert directed people to their website where they were supposed to upload their picture.

Canon had established a unique brand which was different from the other competitors this was as a result of influencing creativity and innovation in its operations.  Targeting consumers though online means was a good strategy to improve their relation with customers and building their brand   awareness.  Canon strategically placed its photo chains campaign online to reach out many consumers and give them chance to upload their photos.  The strategy was able to grow largely in the social media attracting more audience.  The canon EOS was of good quality and low price as compared to other competitors. Moreover, Canon also used the strategy of offering low prices with the aim of attracting many customers to buy their quality products.

Evaluate and Explain the effectiveness and benefits of “Photochains” for Canon in terms of: • Target consumers • Brand position in the market • Profit (Short and Long-term)

Canon Photo chains campaign mostly targeted individuals, companies and families.  This was an effective online campaign which involved many people who had passion for photographs.  According to Perreault, Cannon & McCarthy (2012) marketing tends to operate in various different dynamic where one of them is use of digital tools. On this perspective, online marketing ensured that Canon was able to create their brand awareness by reaching out to all global customers. Through Photo chains, Canon was able to reach out many people by mostly targeting wildlife, travel and DSLR videographers.  The quality of their brand was to inspire people with the new level of creativity as way of creating brand awareness.  The outcome results were encouraging as many global consumers opted to buy canon products.

Brand position in the market

Canon established EOS brand of its own having advantage of being unique and creative. This means that the company positioned its brand to be unique from those of competitors. Introduction of EOS Photo chains which inspired and attracted many customers. This brand was distinctive and quite different from competitors. The purpose of this brand positioning was to improve consumer experience. The company also used value and price positioning in the market. This means that it offered high quality prices at relatively low price.

Profit (Short and Long-term)

Canon photo chains attracted many consumers who resulted to buy their products.  This increased their total sales due to high demand of their products.  Building a strong brand, Canon   was able to dominate the market ahead of other competitors which made them to increase their growth rate. This implies that the company will remain in market for long time due to quality brand they established.


Perreault, W. D., Cannon, J. P., & McCarthy, E. J. (2012). Basic marketing: A marketing           strategy planning approach.


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