Car Accidents

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1 March 2016

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I. The Student Union has the following objectives for a better university.

A. Enhance the unity between students and strengthen the ties between them and other members of university community.

B. Spread the culture and encourage the formation of Active Working Groups (AWGs) and student associations, and coordinating work between them and supporting their activities by providing financial support and manpower if needed.

C. Work on solving the problems of students and provide a better university life within the university and beyond.

D. Discuss the problems of the students and propose solutions to them, with the concerned officials and care after the rights and interests of students.

E. Expressing the student community’s opinion on national and international levels.

F. Discover the talents and abilities of the students, help them refine their Skills, enhance their leadership skills and encourage them to benefit their society.

II. The formation of the Student Union consists of a Student Council, six committees, Presidential Cabinet, Senate, Club’s Coordination Committee (CCC), and the Student Union Partnership Office (SU PO). (Show slide and pass out the brochures) A. The Student Council is the students’ voice and it is concerned with their opinion on all matter and decisions directly related to them. Its formation is:

1. The Faculty Union which is responsible for looking after each faculty needs. It consists of two members from each faculty in each committee. There are a President and a Faculty Treasurer for each faculty elected directly by students. 2. The University Union which is responsible for looking after the university needs. It consists of one member from each faculty in each committee. There is a head for each committee elected internally by the members of each Committee.
3. In each committee the three members are from three different Academic years.
4. The elections for the high board is required which is done within the student council itself. It consists of the Presidential Cabinet, six heads of the committees of the University Union and six faculty presidents from the Faculty Union.
5. The Student Council committees are as follows:

a. Scientific & Technological Activities Committee holds workshops and lectures aiming at developing the scientific and technological abilities.

b. Culture, Arts & Political Awareness Committee supports and organizes cultural and artistic activities seminars, conferences, exhibitions, debates and all forms of political activities.

c. Planning & Resources Committee which is responsible for preparing the needed resources for the events. It also helps to plan and organize the events.

d. Sports Committee supports and organizes training programs, tournaments and all forms of sportive activities.

e. Trips & Social activities Committee organizes educational and entertainment trips.

f. Public & Environmental Services strive to increase environmental awareness between students and organize events and activities.

B. The Presidential Cabinet of the Student Union manages the affairs of the Student Union and supervises its progress. It is tasked with:

1. Acting as chief representative and spokesperson of the Student Union.
2. Ensuring that all committees are functioning properly and fulfilling their duties.
3. Ensuring that the objectives of the Student Union are realized.
4. Calling at least two general meetings every semester, attended by all Student Union members including members of the Senate.
5. Calling weekly meetings to discuss the progress of work in the Student Union.
6. After the new President is elected the former President has to handle all the properties of Student Union such as the Student Union room and its belongings, the official page on facebook, the e-mail…
7. The Presidential Cabinet consists of four core positions. They are as follows:

a. Vice-President which is responsible for fulfilling any tasks of the Student Union President that are delegated to him/her or that the President is unable to perform.

b. Treasurer which is responsible for the Student Union budget, its financial statements and its financial affairs.

c. Vice-President for Events & Student Activities which is responsible for coordinating the events between the different entities in the Student Union and between the Student Union and the Club’s Coordination Committee.

d. Vice-President for Planning and Resource which is responsible for conducting a timeline for the Student Union events, and providing the resources needed.

C. The Student Union Partnership Office consists of the Student Union President and the six heads of the University Union Committees. It aims to form a bond between the Student Union in the university and Student Unions of foreign universities, to exchange information, experiences & educational programs.

D. The Senate consists of two elected members from each faculty each given the title ’Senator’. The Senate is responsible for evaluating the performance of the Student Union members and recommending corrective action where and if needed.

E. The Club’s Coordination Committee’s purpose is to aid clubs to coordinate with each other and it reports directly to the Student Union president. It consists of a representative of every club in the university delegated by heads, Vice president of events and activities, and director of youth welfare.

III. There are some rules and regulations for the nominee.
A. Not under probation.
B. No history of disciplinary actions.
C. Not been terminated from the previous Student Union. D. Paid the Student Union annual fees.
E. Spent at least two semesters as students at the GUC. F. Not a member of any active working group.


I. Summary
A. The Student Union’s main aim is to discuss the problems of the students and propose solutions to them.
B. The Student Union consists of Student council, six committees, Presidential Cabinet, Senate, Club’s Coordination Committee (CCC), and the Student Union Partnership Office.
C. The solution is to vote for the most suitable nominee and attend the debates in order to choose the best program provided by the nominees for a better university life.

II. Clincher
A. Please vote to support the students’ right.
B. Campaigns and a booth are held to show the importance of voting for the Student Union.

By-Laws of the General Assembly of the Student Union in the German University in Cairo 2013 Student Union Bylaws presentation

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