Carphone warehouse


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Carphone warehouse is a mobile phone retailer founded in 1989 in an era when phones were too bulky, hence being referred to as carphones. It’s based in UK and has over 1700 stores across Europe. Outside the United Kingdom and Ireland, the company carries on its business under the name phone house. Carphone warehouse did its initial public offering at the main market of the London stock exchange (Great Britain et. al, 2011). There has been tremendous growth in the business and this has resulted to Carphone opening many branches at home and also in Western Europe.

Ways of improving operations at Carphone warehouse

In its quest to provide modern services to its customers and the staffs in general, carphone warehouse has embarked on going back to the drawing board to ensure they have many of the latest mobile technologies. The strategy by this company to utilize smart technology in its stores has attracted a lot of attention and many shoppers are flocking their shops. The younger generation is so much obsessed with smart technology; the large workforce of carphone is mainly the younger generation. This strategy is very good as it portrays a positive image to those shopping in its stores (summers, 1998). Carphone partners with many well performing companies together with which they do business. By using this strategy they enhance their market position and this puts them ahead of the game. Recently it announced a possible partnership with Samsung which will see up to 60 standalone stores open across Europe.

The company is well endowed with technology and many of their staffs are well equipped with the latest technology. According to the latest statistics from the stores, they have rolled out over 5000 tablets to members of their staff across all stores which is now seen as the single biggest digital workforce. The CEO of the company said in one of the tabloids that they put technology at the heart of what they do, and so practice what they preach.

Carphone warehouse needs to undertake several measures to improve their business. To get at the top does not require much effort than to remain there. This company should evaluate their pricing; this should be done first by evaluating what the customer think about their prices. They should come up with prices that are not way too high out of business neither too low to bring a burden of cash flow shortage (Greasley, 1999). They should also have prices and commodities for all classes of people, both high end customers and the common shoppers. This will help bring up the profitability of the company.

Carphone warehouse needs to improve on their weak spots.  There were criticism and accusation that they were slamming to win new customers, customers alleged that when they bought phones on this store their landlines accounts were subsequently switched off without their consent, a scenario like this will portray bad picture on this company. The company needs to improve their corporate image by coming with better ways of public image (Greasley, 1999). The company should also explore new markets by improving their marketing. Venturing into new demographic areas will help the company to increase its clientele which in the long run will boost sales. Carphone should spread their wings even in Eastern Europe or even in other continents.

Involvement of employees in the business is vital for the growth. Although carphone has improved in this aspect by digitalizing their staff, employees should be motivated to be brand ambassadors of the company. Being up to date with the current trends in the technology will also help the company to compete actively and increase their sales.


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