Catholic Social Justice: Justice and Peace

Directions: As you are reading through the chapter, fill in the missing information.

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Pages 174-196—Christians and Peace

1. Pope Paul VI once wrote, “If you want peace, work for justice”.

2. In The Challenge of Peacemaking, the American bishops discussed a _spiritual of peacemaking, which begins in the individual’s mind and heart.

3. The bishops recognize that peacemaking is enhanced by those habits that empower us to be good, also known as Spirituality of Peacemaking_.

4. True or False (if false, explain why): Peace is the absence of war. False, peace is more than the absence of war,

5. In the Old Testament, peace is one of the many fruits of keeping the _covenant_.

6. In the New Testament, Christ’s proclamation of the reign of God calls us to _conversion__ in which love is shown to reject revenge and violence and embrace forgiveness.
7. Many Catholics contend that a total commitment to _nonviolence_ is better suited to the gospel witness to peace.

8. Match the levels of violence with their description:
A) Counter-violence…b…where basic rights are denied
B) Repressive violence…a…where an oppressed group responds C) Institutional violence…c…where those in power repeat the cycle of violence

9. A conscientious objector is someone who opposes war on _conscientious objectors_ while another type refuses to participate in wars considered to be pacifists_.

10. The bishops overwhelmingly affirm the principle of _proportionality_ to spare noncombatants from violence.

11. The proper formation of _just war_ is recognized by Church as an invaluable dimension of determining the moral weight of any military conflict.

12. Match the principles of the Just War tradition with the correct description:

A. Just cause
1. Peaceful efforts must have been tried and exhausted
B. Legitimate authority
2. An immediate threat to innocent life or human rights
C. Comparative justice
3. Representative of the people and the common good
D. Right intention
4. The damage inflicted and the good expected must be related E. Probability of success
5. Motivation must be recognized in responsible leadership
F. Proportionality
6. The irrational use of force is prevented by this
G. Last resort
7. Values should direct conflict

13. When applied to terrorism, the Just War tradition recognizes that terrorist actions are an __grave_ evil that can never be justified.

14. Peacemaking strategies entail two Catholic Social Teaching themes of global _option for the poor_ and a global _solidarity_.

15. In the agenda for peace, the three primary goals are to strengthen _international institutions_ such as the United Nations, work to secure _human rights_ such as the defense of life, and to promote development of _for the poorer nations_, by recognizing the inequality of global wealth.

16. Name and describe two of the four steps recommended to right global inequalities. Improving foreign aid, rectifying trade relationship relieving international debt, ending the arm race, Halting arms trade, and banning landmines.

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