Cause and Effect Essay topics

Cause and effect essay topics require the author’s analysis of the specific situation / event, and evidence of a causal relations. You need to thoroughly investigate the situation and provide arguments using research thoughtful reflection on the problem. Cause and effect essay deals with the conditions or the situation and tries to answer the following things: Why? (causes) and What is the result? (effects).

Cause and effect essay is a variant of creative job, which for many high school and for college institutions, and especially for the humanities, has become a sort of fresh air breath, diluting the standard boring work. Here you need to describe personal experiences, emotions and ideas on a specific issue, situation or occasion. You may certainly have a lack of time or literary abilities to do this task on a good mark, as you must have imaginative thinking to write an informative and interesting or funny essay. Not all students always have sufficient experience for this. Therefore, the optimal way is to search for a ready-made essay on the desirable topic. Our website offers you free cause and effect essay topics list.

In these essays the writer tries to find out why such event happened and what are the results of it or even tries to propose his/her own versions of the possible development of events and their outcome. It is compulsory to dedicate one paragraph to explain the importance of a causal-effect link. You should obligatory draw conclusions from the issues that you succeeded to prove. Explain the importance of these findings for the modern world or a specific reader.

Since this task is a very efficient tool to test the knowledge and abilities, and quite aptly characterizes its author, this task should be treated rather seriously and responsibly. Therefore, if you lack free time, but prefer to have a first-rate assessment of the essays we offer an easy solution – refer to our list of sample topics to find what you need among our examples.

How to Start a Cause and Effect Essay

The key to success while writing such essay is developing a clear outline. You will have to do some research to look into the problem and understand the topic you have been assigned. The best bet is when you are free to choose any topic. Opt for a remarkable event or phenomena on the subject you are interested in. Then compose a strong introduction.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics and Examples

  1. Optimism boosts immunity
  2. Bicycle use helps reduce air pollution
  3. Cell phone use improves family relations
  4. The effects of cramming for an examination
  5. The effects of poverty on an individual
  6. Why people keep pets
  7. Why reality shows are so popular
  8. The effects of moving to a new town or city
  9. The effects of violent video games: aggression/ conflicts
  10. Why many children run away from home
  11. Why increasing numbers of children are overweight
  12. The causes of eating disorders among young people
  13. The effects of working while attending school or college
  14. Why sales of DVDs are declining
  15. Why many Americans prefer foreign-built cars
  16. Why people exercise
  17. Effects of telling lies
  18. Why friendships end
  19. Why ships sink
  20. What causes natural disasters

Cause and Effect Essay Outline and Format

The best outline contains the following points:

  1. String Introduction
  2. Thesis Statement
  3. Group of effects #1
  4. Group of effects #2
  5. Conclusion

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