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28 February 2016

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An individual’s attempt to live freely is based on self-respect and interest. To disrupt the ideal and significance of living under a conventional life style, one must step outside their daily routines. We are often resistant to change due to the consequences of our actions but for many, having a routine becomes everything. It is a comfortable customary way of living that guarantees safety and for things to stay the exact same. When a routine has become stagnant and unbendable we have become prisoners within the cells of our own making. By looking at “Behind the Headlines” by Vidyut Aklujkar one can see the theme the author demonstrates betwwen tradition and change*change can bring liberty In the short story Behind the Headlines, Vidyut Aklujkar states a conflict between tradition vs change. Hariharan’s blind acceptance of mistreating Lakshmi is what leads her to such impulsive way to gain control of her own life. “Lakshmi got tired just thinking about the predictability of her life.” With this statement we can presume she feels obligated to serve Hariharan due to their marriage and customs. “Mornings begun thus with Sanskrit and Sangeet would make one feel warm and pure.” Lakshmis flashback to India provides the reader with evidence that like Hariharan, she has also morning routines. She then explains how she had to leave all that behind when she married Hariharan and had to move to Canada. In the short story “Behind the Headline” by Vidyut Aklujkar, the wife Lakshmi is exhausted of her repetitive life that is caused by her husband Hariharan profession.

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