Changes needed for the success of a policy

In order to make the process of enactment of policies to be one of great success; there needs to be some work to be done. Accountability is one of the issues that need to be enhanced so that things get steered in the right direction. Each and every stakeholder has a role to play so that success is assured. It is well known that for an institution to have a shot at becoming an icon of success; then it would be necessary for administrators to vet the quality of services they offer. Other than accountability the issue of evaluation or assessments of the various stakeholders is also advised. The mentioned two issues would be helpful if they can be worked on. Evaluations would have to be introduced to both the teaching staff as well as the school administrators. (Fowler, 2009, p.101)

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How evaluation is carried out may forecast repercussions to both the person administering it and the individual being evaluated. Making assessments and evaluations is paramount within a learning institution. A lot of effort is put when pursuing policy implementation; equally aggressive measures should be put when safeguarding it. Stages of carrying out evaluation of policies can be pursued in two aspects; one of those avenues is during the duration of developing the said policy and the other being at the time of implementation. Evaluation of policies has undergone a lot of changes over the years; evolution of policy evaluation has come a long way from the nineteenth century to the present day. The federal government has over the years worked on developing education policies that are fashioned to better take care and address the present day challenges adequately. Top universities have also lent a hand in beefing up the government`s effort at this role. (Fowler, 2009, p.101)

Evaluation in policy implementation follows similar trends. To kick off the process one has to point out the goals that he or she needs to attain. One would be inclined to underscore the pointers or indicators that should be used to segment or look out for during the procedure. All necessary instruments needed to carry out collection of information have to be set ready. The next step is the going ahead with the job of collecting the expected information. Once the much needed information has been compiled; then the next process happens to be that of making proper and organized summary of the data collected. Analysis comes afterwards; with the next step in line being writing an evaluation report. Reports are prepared with the sole purpose of having the information acted upon by the relevant parties; the enactment of the recommendations written in the reports. (Fowler, 2009, p.101)

Occurrences in the past have pushed societies into having the craving to moot policies to address and rectify major issues. There are two instances or occurrences that made people spring into action as far as making policies is concerned; one of the example is poverty with the other being the need to desegregate. The mentioned occurrences drove policy makers into doing the needful as far as conducting polished work is concerned. The mentioned aspects also made professionalism to be a pillar in the implementation and rollout of policies. Evaluation processes have also been refined over time; one of the evident ways is communication of policy information to the participating parties. Techniques of getting data for evaluation has continually been evolving. Currently evaluation seems to only be carried out by individuals with the expected expertise; and the right qualification. (Fowler, 2009, p.101)


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