Chick-n-Gravy Dinner Line

I. Executive summary
Ann, the assistant manager, is going to investigate customers’ complaints of the supermarket regarding the frozen dinner. The majority of complaints centered on five defects: under-filled packages, a missing label, spills/mixed items, unacceptable taste, and improperly sealed packages. She collected data from inspecting approximately 800 frozen dinners and will analyze this information. II. Problem

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There are two problems
1. How will the defects be measured and what quality tools will be used?
2. What should Ana recommend to the manager after knowing the results?

III. Objectives

To determine the most numbered defect and the most defective product line with the use of quality tools.
To address the solution to the manager.


Quickly handling customers’ complaints and analyze the problem. Frozen dinner is produced to give the customers quicker healthy meal for their busy life. Easy to focus the main problems in the production area.

Many defective products have reached customers, affect to reputation Wasting resources such as time, money to produce a product not as expected Problems were found only from the customers, has no information causes the problem from the manufactory, machines, facilities…

Gain experienced the problem and improve it
New processing method for higher quality
Product Engineers or Quality department will be trained for better performance. Better planning and proper scheduling.
Getting more customer’s satisfaction
Other competitors would take advantages of that defect and introduce their products with higher quality. The company might need to eliminate that product and produce a new product if the customers don’t satisfy anymore

V. Analyzing
Data can be organized in
Histograms (totals, morning/afternoon, and Line #1/Line #2)

The Pareto Chart

There are 69 defects were found
22 occurrences unacceptable taste: the most frequent problem. The next is missing item with 18, and then spill/mixed, with 14 occurrences. The 14 of the 22 unacceptable taste were accounted for by Line #1 in the morning, and the remainder were Line #2, also in the morning. Line #1 exhibited a similar morning problem: all 11 occurrences were in the morning. Line #2 had all 7 of its occurrences in the afternoon. 10 of 14 occurrences of spill/mixed defects occurred in the afternoon. In the improper seal category, 10 out of 11 occurrences were for Line #2.

VI. Recommendation

The Pareto Chart shown Unacceptable Taste has the most number of defects. Ann should give the priority to investigate what problem caused Unacceptable
Taste. These should be on the Product Engineers or Quality Control Center which must be put in investigation. For a proper inspection must be done every now and then.

The Scatter Diagram above shows there is no relationship between the time the defects were observed and the number of defects. However, the occurrences were mostly in the morning with 42 occurrences (61%), so Ann also should to find out what might be causing taste problems in the morning on both lines.

Step by step, after successfully reducing the Unacceptable Taste defect the Missing Item defect can be investigated. After the Missing Item defect is reduced, the Spill/Mixed defect can be investigated. And so on until all the 5 defects are reduced or completely removed.

The company will need to train their employee overtime or hire new skilled employees. A Quality Control Engineer must be put in the position. Consider to upgrade the new machine to get higher quality of the product. Conduct another test to detect the source of the problem, the workers, equipment’s/machines or the facilities.

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