Child and adolescent health

The two most essential components influencing adolescent’s developments are psychological and environmental factors. As they grow, they are influenced by environmental elements similar to faith, tradition, Schools and faith. The psychological factors that influence their growth contains cognitive and emotional components (Hall & Braverman, 2014).

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In the western society, what is missing that would profit well being promotion for the adolescents is a centered consideration on the diseases most adolescents expertise, and the danger components with their root causes. Moreover, another lacking factor in the western society is emphasis on prevention since largely they think about curing or treatment than prevention, yet prevention is value effective (Merrick, 2014).

The well being issues confronted by the adolescents impact their health and wellness in several methods in their lifetime. An adolescent who makes use of tobacco, has unhealthy consuming behavior, uses alcohol and different drugs, has inadequate exercise or engages in sexual behaviors that may outcome to sexually transmitted infections’ and undesirable pregnancy could negatively impression their lives (Hall & Braverman, 2014). Some of the consequences of the well being issues faced by the adolescents which may impression their well being and wellness embrace lung cancer, obesity or underweight, high blood pressure, and even contracting the incurable HIV virus or being early mothers.

There are a quantity of areas that must be addressed when taking sexual historical past of adolescents. According to Hal & Braverman, (2014), “5 Ps” are used as a general information for taking the sexual historical past of adolescents.

Partners- questions ought to ask the intercourse, quantity and concurrency, sex partners of the adolescents

Practices-the nurse should discover sexual exercise sorts that the adolescent pained engages in corresponding to oral, anal and anal sex

Protection- the questions should ask about the teenager’s use condoms and the circumstances making it easier or tougher to make use of he condoms

Past historical past of STD-the nurse ought to ask in regards to the STD historical past of the teenager.

These contains whether the kids has ever contracted the STDs in Pregnancy.

Prevention-lastly, the nurse ought to ask the teenager whether they want to be pregnant and talk about the future and current contraceptives (Hall & Braverman, 2014).

In conclusion, psychological and environmental elements are the 2 most important factors that influence adolescent’s developments. Focused attention on the illnesses skilled by the adolescents and emphasis on prevention is missing within the western society. Moreover, there are a number of well being problems adolescents face that influence their well being and wellness in several methods in their lifetime. Lastly, when taking sexual history, one need to consider the partners, apply, and safety, past history of STD and prevention.


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