Child Labour

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29 February 2016

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GOD has given human beings the boon of wisdom and discreation to think upon the signs of the universe and to draw conclusions. That is the reasons why they disclose the hidden facts of it and its structure.Children are the flowers of heaven they are the most beautiful and purest creation.They are the beauty of this world.They are innocent.but there are such kind of students who cannot go to schooldue to financial problems.They only watch others go to school and can merely wish to seek is due to many difficulties,desperate conditions that they face in life


Child labour can also be defined as the full time employment of children who are under a minimum legal age.

Where does most child labour occur?

OF an estimated 215 child labourers around the globe: approximately 115 million(53%) are in Asia and the pacific;14 million(7%) line in latin America; and 65 million (30%) live in Africa.

Works on it.

Many organizations like UNICEIF, ILO, whoes main object is to prevent child labour .These are the international organization which prevent child labour globaly.


I visited The Eatspot, a roadside restaurant , this weekend. No, this story is not a restaurant review about the dry biryani or hot lassi. It is not about the silly waiters dressed like nervous fresh MBA grads from a college, with white shirts and uncomfortable ties. It is about Nizamuddin.

The little boy who poured water into my glass and cleared out my table. He was too small, skinny. His hairs were dry and rough and certainly would not have been oiled for months now.He was hardly four and a half feet tall, not a trace of facial hair. He couldn’t have been a day older than 12 .His shirt on his body was there for namesake and his trouser did not fit him. One of his hands used to hold it on his waist and he had the innovative technique of fastening it with a rope of brittle plastic threads. He was standing expressionless just like an old stuffed toy.He walked around nervously with a heavy jug of water. His eyes darted across the room like a scared rabbit, scanning the place for empty tumblers that needed a refill. . He caught me staring at him and looked back, wondering whether to smile, or look away. And then, with those wide innocent eyes filled with confusion, he gave me a slow, hesitant smile then he came to me started pouring water into jug. There was this child here pouring water and removing used plates from tables when he should have been kicking around a football on that hot Saturday afternoon. He was trying to satisfy strangers in that dark restaurant when should have been out with his friends, laughing and teasing his school teachers. The Eatspot was one of those dirty roadside eateries that gave a damn about the laws of the land, The dormant social activist in me got all fired up, and I summoned the boy and asked him What’s your age? (Twelve) he said.

Then i said that you can’t work here.Because its against law listening to what I said that he cannot work any longer, tears started flowing from the young chap’s eyes. The little chap was looking at me still. (you do understand urdu, are not you?) I asked him do you have any problem. I don’t have any but the Government has Sir, it’s difficult at home. Dad committed suicide, mom washes clothes for others, two sisters at home, I am studying by doing work at here, I get some money that is too critical for us…) I had no answers. Now, it was my turn to stand there blankly I understand your problem brother No!…) he interrupted you wont understand my problem. I want to study, for that I am ready to work. But you force me to become a beggar. You are forcing me to beg. If your kids sing or dance in TV, they get money, fame and are appreciated in papers.. But if I wanted to work.nobody helps me How can you explain me this?) I never expected a kid to talk like this but I realized that his experiences in life made him speak so. the restaurent owner called him so he walked away holding his trousers with both hands. All I could do is to stare at him silently, helplessly. I said to myself, “i should find out the definition for child labor.


Lack of earning during learning.


Excess population.

Lack of laws against child oppression.


Drop outs of schools.

Illiteracy and uneducated people.

Large family size and unemployment people.




Primary education.

Get rid poverty.

Our overseas aid.

Ban the worst forms.

Give the jobs of child workers to their adult relations could be build homes for those children that are living in the streets.

Government should make laws to prevent child labour and find solutions.


The present goverment has made elementry education compulsory along with this ,the goverment has distributed free books in primary schools so that parents,who cannot afford thier children ‘s school expenses,send their children to schools.The major point is that this decion must be acted upon at all levels.There is strict need to stop child labour in this country.Awareness must be raised and the attentionof parents ought to be diverted to the education of their children.Child labour laws should be put into practice strictly.The orphans and other deserving children must be helped financially on a prolonged basis.

IF we suceed to act upon these principals,our country can easily get rid of this problem and that is child labour.

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