Children and young people’s development Institutions

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8 March 2016

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Institutions that effect children and young people’s development: Some institutions that affect a children’s development are: •Children in need

•Sure Start
•Bereavement councillor

NSPCC stands for The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. The NSPCC was designed to protect children from cruelty. Their aim is to end cruelty to children in the UK. They have 4 main principles, there priority is to protect the children who are most at risk, they learn what is best for the children, the create a leverage for change and they also focus on the areas that are going to make the biggest change. The NSPCC’s local services will concentrate on 7 groups of children; these are the ones that they think are most at risk. These are the children that have experienced neglect before; they are the children that have a high risk of being exposed to physical abuse (these families are the ones that have violet adults, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues.) Another group is children that have experienced sexual abuse, children under the age of one, disabled children, children that are black and that come from minority ethnic communities, and looked after children. The NSPCC affect the children in variety of different ways, they make sure the children are safe and looked after. They could affect the children in a major way because it could be the difference of the being looked after or being neglected. It could also be the difference of the child being having a safe and secure future, the future that every child deserves.

•Sure start

Sure start is government led and its aims are to give the children in the UK the best possible start. It focuses on Early Years Care, Family Care and Education. They promote high quality childcare to children aged 0-12 and their families. They are a helping hand to the professionals, families and parents of children. This institution can affect a child’s development because there aim is to protect the children; they ensure that they children are looked after. This means the children that they help get the best care, which can affect their emotional and other types of development.


Some agencies that can affect a child’s development are:
•Children centre
•Youth officer
•Welfare officer

•Children centre
Children centres offer the chance for children to take part in activities outside of school, they also offer children the chance to meet new people and make new friends. They get children off of the streets and give them somewhere safe to play, chill and be away from home. These children centres can have a major affect on a child’s because they allow children to affect the development areas. Emotional because it can make them happy, social because it gives them the chance to meet new people and make new friends, intellectual because they can play logical and thinking games, and physical because they can play sports.


SENCO stands for Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. They are responsible for day to day operation of the settings policies. The SENCO will co-ordinate additional support for the children that need it, they will liaise with the parents, teachers and the professional that are involved with them. The SENCO’s job is to get in contact with outside services to come in and help the children they think may need it. The SENCO helps the child’s development by requesting additional help for the children that they think need it.


Services that affect a child’s development:
•Health visitor
•Social worker
•MAISY – Multi Agency Integrated Services for Early Years Physio therapist
Speech therapist
All intervention people
•Health professionals

•Health Visitors

A health visitor’s job is to support new parents and preschool children with assessing the children’s health ensuring that they are healthy. And helping the parents give the right quality of care to the children. They also development appropriate programmes to help give the child the best possible start in life. They offer parents advice on all subjects, and they also look and asses the child’s physical development and do development checks on those children. The health visitor can effect a child’s development because if anything is wrong with the child, they may be the first people to spot it, and give the children the best possible start, so that if doesn’t affect them as much later on in life.

•Health professional

Health professionals are people such as doctors, GP’s, nurses and so on. They are the people we turn to when we are ill, or need assistance. These health professionals can effect a child’s development in many ways, by assessing the children and giving them the right medicine to make them feel better. If a child becomes seriously ill, doctors are the people that know what to do to ensure that they get the right treatment so the illness does persist and become worse. A health professional can affect a child’s development in every way possible, because if they get something wrong then the child come suffer in every area of development.

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