Choosing accounting major and my ultimate job

From my childhood, I had been aspiring to become one of the most renowned accountants in the professional aspect. Besides, I had an uncle who had the best knowledge on accounting who often advised me on taking accounting major as my ultimate job. In addition, I also had a positive feeling on accounting since I grew up among a group of successful accountants. As an individual, I have always been self-motivated, a keen reader and I am open in considering accounting in terms of abstract theory. I am also quite dedicated and often participate in class discussions and team projects.

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My reasons for choosing accounting were motivated by the need to explore my best potential in accounting and understand the major guiding principles behind accounting. Moreover, accounting has been one of my best subjects from my high school classes. One of my major motivators included my teacher who also doubled up as my mentor. In order to serve the best institutions that absorb accountants, I selected accounting as my ultimate job. Furthermore, accountants have been seen to be some of the most successful individuals in my community.

In discussing whether accounting, as a measurement system, can be viewed as a form of regulation (rules or policies designed to govern behavior), it is apparent that most accounting comes with major guidelines and rules. Some of the guidelines that are used in controlling accounting activities such as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) (Young, 2013).  Such regulations have been used for quite some time to control the behavior of accountants and other people who use accounting information. In summary, as an accountant, I have to stick to the principles and regulations that control the behavior of accountants.


Young, E. (2013). International GAAP 2013: Generally accepted accounting principles under international financial reporting standards, New York, John Wiley &Sons Publishers, 22-26

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