Classical Education

Some people hold the view that the classics are classics because they have stood the test of time. Therefore, they are to be treasured by people of all generations, ours being no exception. Others believe that the classics represent the wisdom of the past. As we are advancing towards the future, it is our responsibility to venture into the unknown and generate new understanding of man and nature. What is your view on this issue? Write an essay in 300 – 500 words in response to this question and give reasons to support your position.

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Classical education is ‘ communicates to the mind … a high sense of honor, a disdain of death in a good cause, and a passionate devotion to the welfare of one’s country’ , which proposed by Oxford classicist Edward Copleston. Classics studies indeed have stood the test of time and represent the wisdom of the past which treasured by all generations. Therefore, it is our responsibility to venture into the unknown and generate new understanding of man and nature.

Traditionally, the study of classics was the principal study of the humanities. It is connected to the study of languages, history, art, literature, philosophy, archaeology and other culture of the ancient Mediterranean word, especially Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. For example, every European language today such as the Romance languages and Modern Greek was evolved and influenced by the classical language of the Ancient Mediterranean. Nevertheless, classical study now expanded to Northern Africa and Middle East. It has become our references in many different arenas and immensely contributed to our culture today which proves that classic studies have the ability to transform self’s understanding.

According to Charles Augustin Sainte-Beure’s idea and belief, a true classic is an author who has enriched the human mind and revealed some eternal passion through his thought, observation, or invention. Therefore, it could be opposed by anyone since each and everyone have different thoughts and ideas influenced by their present lifestyles, culture or even discovery.

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