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19 March 2016

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As social service professionals we will come across many clients from all walks of life that unfortunately are facing so many problems. Many people experience hardship and they just simply need help. As a professional in this field our work is to help our clients with whatever needs they may have at that time. The ultimate and main goal is to help the client become self-sufficient. Help them learn new skills as well as provide referrals to resources when needed. The job is to help provide the clients with alternatives to what they are going thru at that time. Nothing is easy but the result is for the client to be better off from before they enter the door. Human service workers support such a diverse population of clients no matter the age group. The elderly clients are only in need of someone to help them to live independently hopefully in their own homes.

For those who are unable to live on their own, the social service professional will ensure that placement is being sought out in a nursing home and/or other residential care facilities. Another client would be a homeless client which are those who the social service worker will help to meet their basic needs of everyday life. For the homeless clients it is valuable to have a variety of resources providers that offer, temporary and /or permanent housing. As well as organizations that serve hot meals, who also provide daily essentials such as a place to take a bath, brush your teeth etc. A good place that offers these service is the Salvation Army, the client will also need a work center facility that can help them in developing new skills as well as obtaining gainful employment. A different client is people who suffer with mental illness. These clients depending on the severity of their problem the social service worker main goal is to help this client become self-sufficient and to receive the proper care they need. If you are not certified to deal with mental illness a referral to the proper organization would suffice.

Veterans, for some is so hard to adjust to civilian life after military life. Therefore as a social service worker you would support them by adapting the skills they learned in the military to civilian’s jobs. In certain cases, they will need help obtaining housing, on a more severe level they will also need help with some mental issues they may have experience due to the circumstances that have occurred to them while in the military. Another client would be a disable veteran, these clients require more in depth help therefore referrals can be done. Another problem facing social service clients is people with disabilities. Helping clients with disabilities focus on helping them live independently, in other words help them care for themselves.

Becoming self-sufficient. Sometimes depending on the disability the client may have you can refer the client to a rehabilitation center that will help the client adapt to their disability. For the disabled clients that cannot by any means take care of themselves the social service worker can help locate a great residential facility. Another problem that clients face is abuse. Abuse can be verbal, physical, emotional and mental. The clients facing this problem sometimes do not see a problem until it is too late. When helping these clients one must take into consideration the frame of mind the client may be in. Many of these clients are damage mentally and may refuse help, therefore earning their trust is eminent. Clients in this state of mind need in depth counseling, many are broken, in distress and many physically hurt.

Therefore knowing how to help them and what resources are available to them is necessary. There are specific skills needed that can be used to help the clients in need. Communication skills are required, in this skill you have to be able to be a great and active listener, listening to the words, body language and gestures. Ask questions, as well as provide positive feedback and information that may be needed. When communicating you have to demonstrate understanding and be able to read what is said as well as what is not said. Many clients just need someone that can listen to their problems. A social service worker has to be compassionate, attentive, possess problem solving skills. Be a critical thinker which is used for assessment and decision making.

Having character disposition such as honesty, integrity and empathy are crucial skills needed to help the clients face the problems they are having in today’s world. In conclusion, in the world that we live today many people are struggling to survive, people are homeless, being abuse and are facing more and more problems each and every day. A social service worker job is to help those around them the best way possible. To also educate themselves in order to provide the knowledge and resources available to the clients. Neil Headman assistant professor of human services at the University of Illinois at Springfield stated “It does not matter who your client is,” he says. “Everyone needs help.” (25)

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