Coach Johnson

1.Some Various forms of power include coercive, compliance gaining, expert, and reward power (Interpersonal Communication: Relating to others pg. 229-230). The kind of power that Coach Johnson has on his team very to comply with coach Johnson’s goals like going to the championships.

2.The turning point was when Gilbert decided to go talk to Coach Johnson because from there and on Coach Johnson yelled at gilbert had a bad conversation. Yes I think it was the same turning point for Coach Johnson because he felt more frustrated because he does not like people telling how to run things. If one has a positive turning point and the other has a negative, the person with the positive turning point might be calmer and actually talk things out.

3.The turmoil stage, the conflict was increase and unclear relationship happened when Gilbert approach the Coach. The stagnation stage, communication declined and both took each other for granted because they were mad at each other, Gilbert because he wanted more playing time and Coach Johnson because he doesn’t like people telling him how to run things. The de-intensification stage, decreased interaction and distance both were to mad at each other that they didn’t want to talk. The individualization stage, when both are more individual than being more of a team. The separation stage, when they try to eliminate further communication between them, this is when Coach Johnson decides to put James over Gilbert. The final stage is post-interaction stage, this happened when gilbert wants to quit the team and go his separate way. (Interpersonal Communication: Relating to others pg. 263-265)

4.Social exchange theory is an economic model of human behavior used to explain how people arrive at decisions, posits that people seek the greatest amount of reward with the least amount of cost (Interpersonal Communication: Relating to others pg.267). Well the cost would be the relationship and the rewards would be the rewards you are gaining from the relationship. Coach Johnson decided to put James in instead of Gilbert because he was not gaining any rewards from Gilbert because Gilbert was not playing good.

5.Attitude can be communicated verbally when Gilbert talked back to his coach. Attitude can also be communicated verbally when Gilbert talked back to his coach. Attitude can also be communicated non-verbally, this happened when his teammates seen Gilbert always mad through his face expression. Attitude affects long term relationships because when people have an attitude they tend to say things they don’t mean. Gilbert might want to recognize his mistakes in the games and work harder and talk to Coach Johnson when he is calmer and relaxed, Gilbert should also apologizing to his team for not being his best on team.

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