College athletes should not be exempt from normal class attendance

College Athletes Should Not Be Exempt from Normal Class-Attendance Thesis Statement: College athletes should not be exempt from normal class-attendance because it is their responsibility to handle their work-load, in all aspects, just like everyone else. College’s main purpose and goal is to graduate and receive a degree. Everything else comes second. Student athletes who believe they should be exempt from normal class-attendance are ignorant and lazy individuals who do not deserve the privilege of playing intercollegiate sports.

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Are students who play especially physically demanding sports such as hockey, football, or soccer going to be more physically and mentally fatigued than that of a non-athlete? Maybe, maybe not! But they made the conscious decision to commit to a team and must learn to cope with the consequences and sacrifices that proceed which include: going to class, showing up on time, attending practices and games, and maybe even not having much of a social life. Conclusion:

Representing your school’s colors by playing a sport in college is a great accomplishment that shows dedication and perseverance. It also improves your character and discipline that are both essential components throughout the rest of your life. That being said, college athletes must have a firm understanding of priority. They need to be able to comprehend the importance of their education over the importance of their athletic careers. An education should always come first and foremost, no exceptions.

Collegiate sports tend to be placed on a pedestal, especially for those athletes fortunate enough to receive scholarships for their abilities even though playing a sport in college is nothing more than a glorified, recreational activity. One must always remember that having a solid education is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life, while playing a sport will only last just a few years after college if you are lucky. Sources

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