Compare and Contrast

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11 March 2016

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In the world today things have majorly as well as seriously changed. On the one hand we no longer have slavery, but on the various other there is an additional type of slavery going on in cooperate businesses. In these 2 essays I chose as well as plan to tell you concerning the injustice in “Captive Bird” (Angelou, M.) as well as the oppression in “Life Under the Chief Doublespeak policeman” (Lutz, W.) which he shows with the firing of individuals. Injustice whether by a servants masters or by the leaders of major firms, can cause an individual to shed their liberty, task, and also individual safety and security.

In Maya Angelou’s “Captive Bird”, she is mentioning a servant that can refrain as the cost-free male, they can go anywhere and also do anything, as well as all the servant can do is dream and sing of that flexibility he desires he could have. When she states the captive bird sings with an afraid trill of point unidentified, I think she is mentioning the servant not knowing whether he will be whipped, or perhaps if he were to come to be complimentary what would he do. (Lutz, W.) made me seem like the underdogs have no freedom. The servant masters were oppressors!

William Lutz is saying we are never cost-free (practically). In his essay he is speaking of how the leaders of these companies are changing names and also making words and phrases seem better than they really are. Like if a business is downsizing, they would certainly use an “Outplacement Specialist” or an “Unemployment Counselor” to assist the firm with “Re-employment Engineering” or much more technically to help any type of worker to locate one more task. He is essentially discussing all the names they provide themselves, or the names to make what they are doing not sound so dreadful! To me the leaders are suppressing the employees inside their particular corporations.


From the essay “Life Under the Doublespeak Chief Policeman” (Lutz, W., Para 9.) he states the best line from any type of book, essay, or poem I have ever reviewed or heard. His quote states: “Just how do I discharge thee? Let me count the means”. (This quote made me laugh so hard!). “One business denied it was laying off 500 people at its head office. “We don’t characterize it as a layoff,” claimed the business doublespeak (often called a spin doctor). “We’re handling our staff sources. You’ve just been managed down, you staff resource you.” “Life Under the Chief Doublespeak police officer” (Lutz, W. pg2, para 11.) See what I imply concerning the fascism in these companies.

The recap I select is from “Caged Bird” (Angelou, M., Para 2) She claims “Yet a bird that tracks, down his slim cage, can hardly ever see through, his bars of craze, his wings are clipped, his feet are connected, so he opens his throat to sing”. What she is mentioning is a slave, trapped in his master’s cage, suggesting required labor. The slave is so infuriated however his hands are linked, he is compelled to do as his master commands. When the caged bird (the slave) is vocal singing, he is singing the tracks of enslavement. For example, “Tough Trails” and several of the lyrics are “Now ain’t them hard tracks, wonderful adversities, Hard tests, hard tests, I am bound to leave this land.” Most of these tunes were about the Lord conserving them.

The paraphrase I chose is from “Life Under the Chief Doublespeak Police Officer” Lutz, W., (pg 1, Para 8)”No one obtains terminated nowadays, and also no one obtains let go. If you are high enough in the corporate pecking order, you “resign for personal factors.” (And afterwards you’re never out of work; you’re simply in an “organized change between profession adjustments.”)”

In my viewpoint both of these essays have a lot in common with each various other. (Lutz, W.) makes me really feel that the company globe is ending up being nothing but slavery currently. Whereas, (Angelou, M.) is COMPARE/CONTRAST 02/07/2014

actually talking being caged like a bird and what she implies is being a servant that is shackled by their master. In (Lutz, W.) he makes me feel locked in a corporate cage in a job that I can not get away from and also need to slave away at. (Angelou, M.) She does give us a feeling as well as taste of flexibility by mentioning in her rhyme; “the cost-free bird thinks of an additional wind and also the profession winds soft via the sighing trees and the fat worms waiting on a dawn intense lawn and also he names the skies his own but a caged bird bases on the grave of desires his darkness yells on a problem scream his wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing.” This one quote from her makes me really feel much less oppressed than both essays that I read put together.

Maya Angelou had the best means of sharing the oppression I really felt within both essays. She not just made me feel captive yet she also made do not hesitate. Not only were we oppressed by a master of a servant but additionally by the leaders of major firms, with this I revealed you just how a person can lose their liberty, job, as well as individual protection. Injustice is the worst point possible. If you were to read both essays I make certain you would certainly really feel the feelings similar to my own. Although, you may have a different response to “Life Under the Chief Doublespeak Policeman” (Lutz, W.) than I did. Most importantly “Captive Bird” (Angelou, M.) was the best.

Angelou, M. “Captive Bird”
Lutz, W. “Life Under the Chief Doublespeak Police Officer”


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