Comparing The Kite Runner and Angelas Ashes

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18 March 2016

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Depression cause a down fall on a person’s emotion. This is easy to understand in the novels Angela’s Ashes and The Kite Runner. In these two stories a person will encounter with the feelings of abandonment and death.

In the kite runner Amir was depressed that he and baba had to leave Kabul. He was wondering if he was going to forget his homeland along the line. He mentioned, “I only knew the memory lived in me a perfectly encapsulated morsel of a good past a brush stroke of color on the gray, barren canvas that our life had become ” The Russians invaded Afghanistan so baba and Amir had to leave to find safety. It was very hard for them to leave their homeland and go to Africa. They had to leave all their belongings and life behind n start fresh in a different country.

In Angela’s Ashes Angela’s family McCourt’s they saw they were living in poor conditions .Angela’s mother sent money so they al could board a ship to Ireland and start new and leave America behind. They left Brooklyn behind for nothing because when they got to Ireland the living conditions stayed the same. Malachy spends all of his money at the bars and he always shows u to work drunk. Now there are no more jobs in Ireland so he has to abandon his family and go to England to get a job there.

Amir from The Kite Runner went back to Afghanistan to visit Rahim Khan because he was very sick. While he was telling him about his family he asked about Hassan so Rahim had to tell him the he got murdered by Taliban. Amir had lots of things going threw his head. He regrets not being in touch with him band for not sticking up h imp years ago. Baba became sick with cancer and he dint want any treatment, he wisent scared to die he knew he lived his life with many accomplishments. Amir father also died now he had no one to get help from when he need guidance.

There were many deaths in Angela’s Ashes. When Margret was born Malachy was able to bring food home. It was his only daughter and he was very happy, but when she died everything turned to the worst. Later Oliver one of the twins died. They dialed with many deaths in their family but every time it was harder, Oliver’s death caused depression in the family.

The Kite Runner and Angela’s ashes have related themes, the theme of depression stands out, threw the loss of their loved ones, and abandoning their home land these two novels show different events that took in different parts of the world that made people depressed.

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