Comparison Between Chinese and Foreign Humor

An intercultural comparison between Chinese and overseas humor


Humor is an excellent work of human civilization and knowledge, she smiled as a bridge, bond people in several tradition, and made folks recognizing the ability of the humor in their regular communication.

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This paper will hint the historic origins of humor. From the humorous discourse features, themes, social functions, performance practices and seize of the subtle to start out the similarities and variations between Chinese and Western humor.

Humor is a superb work of human civilization and wisdom, she smiled as a bridge, bond people in different culture, and made individuals recognizing the ability of the humor of their normal communication.

Origins and scopes of humor

Humor comes from the Latin word ‘humor’, it’s an historic Greek physiology term refers to the ‘fluid’. Greek physician Hippocrates believed that the human health and temperament of various sorts of 4 sorts of physique fluids on the blending ratio. Temperament principle in historic Greece, medieval and Renaissance have a fantastic influence.

Thus, humor is the original that means of 4 sorts of physique fluids decided by the proportion of the human thoughts, physique, customary tendency, temperament, or temporary mental and emotions. The first of the humor into the sector of aesthetics is a famous British dramatist, Ben Jones, gradually dilute the that means of humor physiology, aesthetics increasingly in-depth the study of humor. Late within the seventeenth century, humor started to have the fashionable meaning; In the 18th century, humor for the aesthetic features of drama, fiction, poetry, prose and writing fashion with humor for the writers and artists have been widespread.

Such as in : Sunday school trainer: Hands up all those that wish to go to heaven? Hands up …… What about ou Terry? You haven’t got your hand up-don’t you want to go to heaven? Terry: Sorry, I can’t. Mum advised me to go straight house. The suspense in the beginning of the first discourse, two, third and fourth inningdirect rendering. The little boy’s ‘Sorry, I can’t. ’ is a reversal, the last one is a hilarious mutations. Cultural context is an summary, basic idea, an abstraction form in people’s everyday social life.

Because discourse is a communicative type, whereas the communication is carried out in sure situations, therefore, discourse analysis should consider its contents, individuals in communicative activities, speech, media and different factors. In addition, there’s additionally a certain discourse of environmental elements, such as ‘context’, Marlinowski known as it ‘Situational context’. Halliday thinks, from the language point of view the use of situational context an important three components are: language field, the tone and method.

Language field is corrected in the occasion of things; tone is who is communicative, their basic situations, characteristics, status roles, function relationships between participants; manner refers back to the language in the position of communication, including communication channels and modified way. From the above humorous point of view, the language field is the scene ask questions in class; communication of both the teachers and college students; both in communication is the unequal standing of the teacher is the speaker, college students aresubject to speaker. Student’s response ought to be to ‘support’ or ‘fight against’.

The confrontation is the beginning of reversal, which produce humor. Communicative position of the conversion from the perspective, discourse is the speaker and the recipient as a middle of rotation.

Cross-cultural comparison of Chinese and overseas humor


Humor is mankind’s an aesthetic pursuit, is a mirrored image of real life, first in its themes and content replicate the distinctive customs of the ethnic, social and cultural. By traditional Chinese Confucianism deeply rooted that people speak about sex pale, therefore, conventional Eastern humor impartial subject is taboo.

The humor in the West accounted for a large proportion of those subjects.

Social functions

Classified in accordance with their social operate of humor as: adverse humor(Deny the shortcomings of life and unfavorable phenomena), optimistic humor(Affirm the advantages in life and positive phenomenon) and pure humor(Does not include affirm and unfavorable, simply full of enjoyable to everyday phenomena of reflection). Europe and the United States purely for entertainment humor in a major proportion of the pure humor, this is the time when humor from the bud will type adistinctive characteristic.

The Chinese sense of humor seems to bear a heavier historic mission – skewer the current ills. Throughout hundreds of popular since the traditional dialogue phase, the vast majority of satire piece.

Performance practices

National traits of humor in artistic expression on the subject material as far as clarity. It is commonly rooted in long-standing cultural traditions of a nation and psychological high quality, the performance could be very refined, delicate. China has at all times been intentionally looking for humor in the lengthy run, the style of the progressive layers.

Most indicative of the Chinese culture of humor in the type of humor than the comic. Crosstalk of the 4 features of the structure comparable to the four elements of humor. Comic from start to finish with a number of suspenses, so that the viewers is all the time with interest, from the strain eased to fulfill expectations, and then across to the new expectations and new meet. The European and American humor often only one piece of suspense, comedy to be extra suspense, however because of the integrity of comedy, the plot of coherence nd requirements, restrictions on using plenty of suspense. Crosstalk isn’t, although it has some plot traces, but not sticking to the plot wants the opportunity to desert the use of suspense. On the opposite, generally to the medium of suspense, clever plot jumps from one to a different with no associated plot.

Seize of subtle

Subtle sense of humor is the world’s nations  widespread characteristic. Each nation’s sense of humor by their historical and cultural custom, in the long-term inventive practice within the type of subtle type, extent and strategies differ.

From the perspective of latest humor writing, within the refined nature of the pursuit, China and Western nations alongside two different instructions. Overall, the humor works of Western-oriented and strive to concise of implicit, philosophy mix to make more room for humor after style. The Chinese contemporary humor, its capability to grasp the subtle and brilliant scales.


Western countries, China’s humor and humor of their culture, nurtured by the soil to type a special style. Through this cross-cultural comparison, our team has a greater understanding of world culture, to accelerate the tempo of China into the world.

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