Competitive of college Submissions

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13 March 2016

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As a teenager in high school, the intended goal for every student is to go to college, everyone including parents, students, and other family members encourage this goal. To get into high school, there were qualifications for chosen certain high school depending on district, but not as competitive as the admissions to college. According to Sally P. Springer, college’s admissions are so competitive due to the fact of how many students apply to college each year. With that said, since there is an increase in student graduating from high school, colleges increase in cost of admission, higher GPA/test scores, and the amount of education given.

The price of colleges has increased every year. Students are encouraged every day how important it is to go to college because it’s an institution of higher learning that will open doors for different careers. Unfortunately, majority of the students cannot afford the price of education when it continues to increase by the year and even with scholarships it’s too much money. Some student’s parents get paid too much money and the students do not receive financial aid, so they are left to pay out of pocket. The cost of a two year college vs. a four year is a lot less expensive and many students choose that route because the cost and because the admission is not that competitive. Furthermore, the admission requirements for students who want to go to out of state is even more competitive because of the area.

According to the Sally P. Springer in the article Competitive Colleges, in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the number of students graduating from high school has increased, and because of this most colleges compete in admission by choosing students of diverse and higher GPA standards and test scores. However this makes it harder for students have the GPA but have poor testing skills or vice versa which is a very important key for student’s admissions process. For instance, Harvard is a very prestigious University and the admissions has decreased in the year of 2012 7.1 percent admission. To qualify for Harvard you have to have the GPA of a 3.8-4.3 or have a test score of 1500. Then students are forced to go to colleges not of their choice because of hard criteria of admissions. Majority of two year colleges require a 2.5 GPA compared to some four year the minimum requirement is a 3.0+ GPA.

Moreover, some may argue that the reason why college admissions are so competitive is because colleges strive and are eager for students with higher learning. Every University and College offer different sports, majors, and organization and schools compete to be the best by having the best students. Also if a student wants to go to school in a nice area or a better setting the admissions are going to be higher. University in particular give students a better chance of reaching their career. Colleges such as University of Chicago have better programs for nursing compared to Chicago State therefore students must meet the criteria to attend the programs and that’s at any school. If Colleges was not as competitive then it will be easy for anybody and student will not work hard.

Unfortunately, the best students can come from a Junior college and still receive a good paying job and the career of their choice. Wherever a student goes he/she will do what they have to do to succeed.

All colleges strive for the best for students but due to the competitive admission requirements students are not allowed to peruse what they want. College is college but just because a student doesn’t meet a particular area for admission is it right to say that student would not succeed within that University or College? If colleges could be less competitive then everyone will have an equal amount or chance to get the same education as of that student went to Harvard.

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