Stealing within an organization

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19 November 2015

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Cons of Stealing


Business Ethics

       One of the issues that have raised concerns in business nowadays is stealing within an organization. Stealing is taking an organization’s asset without the consent of the owners, and using it for your own personal benefit. There are many cases of missing items and money within most organization especially where there are many people working. Stealing is the most common immorality in most organization since it runs across all levels of management. Both the senior and junior employees in organizations have been accused of stealing, but it is always very difficult to determine who the actual person responsible in the theft is. Stealing is one of the most difficult problems which are very difficult to control or prevent. Most organizations have incurred many losses due to this problem. There are many mechanisms that have been put in place to help prevent the vice, but it is all in vain. The methods of stealing are evolving day after day and, therefore, so difficult to prevent.

       Stealing reduces the productivity of an organization. Most of the items stolen from an organization are valuable things, which are used on a daily basis in organization’s activities. There are very many things which are stolen from most organizations, and this will greatly affect the organizations’ operations. There is a lot of financing that is used in replacing the stolen items, and this increases the organization’s expenditure, thus reducing the profit(Singer, 1994, p.11).Stealing leads to poor relationships amongst the employees. When there are many employees in an organization, it is very difficult to know the person responsible for stealing anything in the organization. The employees will always speculate about the potential person who is responsible for the act. This has brought a lot of hatred amongst the employees since it ruins the reputation of the accused person. It is very difficult for the organization to know the exact person who is responsible in stealing. The organization should, therefore, come up with clear procedure of conducting their investigation so as not to ruin the relationships of the employees (Bonhoeffer, 1955, p.21).

       Stealing affects the relationship between the organization and the employees. In most organization, stealing is considered a security problem instead of a moral problem. The organizations have invested a lot to protect the property of the organization from theft by the employees. Most of the items of an institution are marked, and security personnel employed to ensure that the employees do not steal any of the company’s. When the organization does not trust its employees, it portrays a bad picture against the employees, and this will influence the employees to act in bad faith towards the organization. The organization must create a good relation amongst all the employees so as to minimize stealing. The business should give the employees to use most of the company’s items without limit. When employees are limited to access certain things in an organization, there is some negative feeling which influences them to steal. The organization should also sensitize all the employees of the negative impact of stealing in the organization. Stealing is a moral problem and employees should get guidance and counseling session which help them not engage in such activities.

       Stealing lowers the credibility of an organization. In some organizations, there have been many cases of stealing by the employees, and this greatly ruined the reputation of the organization. In most cases where an organization has experienced a series of theft which are inside-job organized, investors and other stakeholders reduce their association with that organization. There have been some situations where stakeholders have withdrawn their funding fro an organization because they feel that their money may be stolen.

       Stealing increases an organization’s expenditure due to high security costs. An organization spends a lot of money to prevent stealing of its properties. There are many security personnel who are employed. There is also expenditure for security items such as cameras. These expenditures are so high and affect the net profit of an organization (Singer, 1994, p.14).It leads to closure of some organization. There are some organizations which have been closed due to continuous stealing of key assets. Most organizations, which handle bulky cash, are the most affected. When employees steal a lot of money from an organization, the organization will no manage to fund all its debt and will be declared bankrupt (Bonhoeffer, 1955, p.25).In conclusion, stealing has had very negative impact on the organization. The employees should take care of the properties of the organization and should not steal because it is their source of income. The organization on the other should compensate the employees well, and introduce guidance and counseling seminars so that the employees do not steal anything from the organization. When stealing is eradicated in an organization, there will be good performance and the welfare of all the stakeholders will improve.


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