Construction of a runway

A runway is a defined as a paved or clear land or strip prepared for landing and take-off of a plane. Majority of the runways are built but some are natural surfaces. Reckless construction can lead to a number of losses, putting human lives at stake and even damage of property. The construction of a runway is important and steps and procedures should be followed to ensure successful construction. Some of the important steps include; the length of a runway and the marking and lightings.

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The length of a runway is manly affected by the types of plane that use the runway and the altitude. Larger aircrafts such as passenger planes require longer runways and smaller ones such as private jets can be accommodated by shorter runways. At a higher altitude these runways are designed to be longer due to the reduced density of air which decreases the engine power. If it’s a fully operational and international airport it would require a longer runway that would accommodate the number of planes that would be constantly streaming in and out. CITATION Jef l 1033 (Jeffrey Price) The markings and lightings of a runway are important since they enable operations at night or when there’s low visibility. The lighting systems such as strobe bars or light bars are installed at the far end of the runway or synchronized flashing lights installed at each side of the runway path. These would aid the pilot in landing and help him not to sway from the main landing path. CITATION Jef l 1033 (Jeffrey Price) After full consideration and implementation of some of these procedures, one can be able to successfully construct a functional, efficient and manageable runway


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