Consumer behavior

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11 April 2016

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1. A marketer of health food is attempting to segment its market on the basis of Australia consumers’ self image. Describe the four types of consumer self-image and discuss which one would be most effective? There have 4 types of self image which are actual self image mean that how consumers see themselves; the second one is ideal self image mean that consumers would like to see themselves; third one is social self image mean how consumers feel other see them and the last one is ideal social self image which mean how consumers would like others to see them. For the health food products that are consumed privately, consumers might be guided by the actually self image. Consumers might select a different self image to guide their attitudes or behavior

2. Describe the type of promotional message that would be most suitable for: a) Highly dogmatic consumers
b) Inner directed consumers
c) Consumers with high optimum stimulation levels
d) Consumers with high degree of recognition
e) consumers who are visualizes vs consumers who are verbalizes

3. Find three print advertisements based on Freudian personality theory? Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality is the cornerstone of modern psychology. This theory was built on the premise that unconscious needs or drives, especially sexual and other biological drives are at the heart of human motivation and personality. Inside the theory, there have three interacting systems are id, superego and ego. For example, there has an id-driven impulsive behavior which is the Courtesy of Interflora @ Interflora Australia. The other example is emphasizes the pleasure benefit from Passion Pink Venus.

4. How does sensory adaptation affect advertising comprehension? How can marketers overcome sensory adaption and increase the likelihood that consumers will notice their ads? The term adaptation refers specifically to getting used to certain sensations, becoming accommodated to a certain level of stimulation. Sensory adaptation is a problem experienced by many TV advertisers during special programming events such as Olympic games. Some markets seek unusual or technological media in which to place their advertisements in an effort to gain attention.

5. The retail stores have images of their own that serve to influence the perceived quality of the products they carry, as well as the decisions of consumers as to where to shop. A study of retail store image based on comparative pricing strategies found that consumers tend to perceive stores that offer a small discount on a large number of items as have lower prices overall than competing stores that offer large discounts on a smaller number of product.

6. Describe how manufacturers if chocolate bars can apply their knowledge of differential threshold to packages and process during period of: a) Rising ingredient costs – the financial risk because the product will not be worth its cost, it is depend on their choices to a few safe alternative. b) Increasing competition – it is the social risk which a poor product can attract customers to choice and it may cause in the social embarrassment. c) Heightened consumer awareness regarding nutrition and ingredient labeling – it is the psychological risk which a poor product choice will beuise the customers’ ego.

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