Costs of Preventive Security

Firewalls are one of the most fundamental and important security tools. You are likely familiar with the software-based host firewall that you use on your laptop or desktop. Such firewalls should also be installed on every computer in an organization. However, organizations also need corporate-grade firewalls, which are usually, but not always, dedicated special-purpose hardware devices. Conduct some research to identify three different brands of such corporate-grade firewalls, provide copies of your research and write a report that addresses the following points:

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The price range of Next Generation Firewall Appliance (NGFW)Bundled with FW, VPN, IA, ADNC, MOB, IPS, APCL and VS ( Model 12200 to Model 21700) is between $41,000 to $272,000i. Technique (deep packet inspection, static packet filtering, or stateful packet filtering) Context Awareness; Application/User Awareness; Deep Packet Inspection (IPS) and Stateful packet filtering. Generally, from Network and transport layers to Application layer. Ease of configuration and use

Check Point’s NGFW provides integrated software and hardware solutions for customized firewall protection. Check Point has developed the AppWiki application library that are pulled into the Check Point Application Control and Identity Awareness Software Blades. The software also integrates with Active Directory to identity the user and endpoint, allowing administrators to customize granular security policies. Check Point also offers the ability to educate users in real time. With all these advantages, it’s very visualized virtualizand simplified for users to understand which software blades are connected when configuring a Firewall by using the SmartDashboard toolbarii or using NGFW more effectively and efficiently.

The price range of Enterprise Next Generation Firewall (Model series 200-5000) is between $1,179.90 to $104,400.25iii.

Technique (deep packet inspection, static packet filtering, or stateful packet filtering) User Awareness; Deep Packet Inspection (IPS) and Stateful packet filtering; Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Ease of configuration and use

Fortinet provides physical or virtual appliance product lines of FortiGate to fit client’s unique Network Security requirements. It intergrates the FortiOS Operating System with custom FortiASIC processors and the latest-generation CPUs. FortiOS offers users several configuration options to choose from and FortiCarrier provides enhanced FortiOS security featuring, specifically for 4G LTE carrier and ISP networks within a single device. With WebUI, the operational costs is lowered and IT staff workloads and mistakes are even further reduced. What’s more, the Single-Pane-of-Glass management ensures consistent policy creation and enforcement while minimizing deployment and configuration challengesiv.

The price range of uperMassive Next-Generation Firewall Series (9000 and E10000) is between $6,599 to $125,000v. Technique (deep packet inspection, static packet filtering, or stateful packet filtering) Application Intelligence and Control; Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection; Multicore architechure. Ease of configuration and use

Dell SonicWAL Next-Generation Firewalls integrates comprehensive network security with control into a single platform. It provides better visualization of application traffice for IT admistrators thus controling and adjusting the network use more properly. Dell SonicWALL also reduces the time and complexity of configuring, deploying and managing security solutions. Even better, the easy-to-use configuration wizards offer intuitive guides for users through the configuration stepsvi.

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