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The target audience consists of Male and Females ages 18 through to 27 of mixed nationalities. They are keen travellers and enjoy a very active and fun filled lifestyle. They adopt a tight budget to work with due to their income, which would be placed into the low – mid ($15,000 to $38,000).


• Age: 18 – 27
• Annual income: Low to mid ($15,000 – $38,000)
• Sex: Male & Female
• Occupation: Student, part-time / Casual worker
• Free spirited, party animal, like to try new things
• International, domestic


Potential clients like the beachside aspect of accommodation (water sports, lifestyle), Love to be in the heart of activity (Close to city/town centres). Something different yet at the same time similar to home (international). Psychographics:

• Lifestyle: Traveller, explorer, socialite,
• Attitude: Confident, inquisitive
• Personality traits: Motivated, Thrifty spender, love to party, active and fit


The major selling idea for the Black Market Flights campaign is to create a want for Student Flights and its services in the target audience. The advertising campaign communicates to the audience the qualities of the travel experience (full page advertisement). The use of cityscapes featuring world renowned iconic buildings face of the city personality of the city in the advertisement appeals to the audience on an emotional level, the feeling of excitement and freedom of travelling in these exotic locations drawing the target audience into the ‘Black Market experience”. The concept that becoming part of an exclusive Student Flights community/experience is very important to communicate to the target audience. Communicating these ideas to the target audience will achieve the aim of affirming Student Flights as the new and only place to stay when travelling on a budget. The key benefits of this style of approach are to portray Black Market Flights as ______ and to create a want in the target audience to become part of the Black Market Flights community.


The campaigns emotional appeal will stem from the hard working student or worker’s desire to travel and visit exotic locales. The barriers that are encountered by most of the target market involve work and university demands which lead to a day-in day-out-repetitive nightmare. As the “________” campaign is employed, the promotional characteristics of Black Market Flights are conveyed through the audiences want to “escape” from their current life. However, by embracing the “I want to escape my current repetitive grind” the brand will be positioned in this light – Always different, always fun, always _____.

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