Creative Technology entry in the US market. Political factors that can affect its operations


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There are various political factors that can affect the operation of the Creative Technology in the US market.  First the company will be required to comply with the various government regulations that affect the pricing and the entire production process. The company also needs to comply with the various tax systems that are present in the American economy ( Donici, Maha, Ignat & Maha,2012).  In addition the company is also required to comply with the various trading agreement of the companies that operate in the industry. The US government is also known to have to have minimum intervention on the business which will in turn help to ensure that the business is able to achieve its objective (Shaw, 2007).  The political stability currently enjoyed by the US government will also play a critical role in helping to ensure the company achieves its strategic growth objective in the US market.

Domestic approach that might change

Building a strong brand

The company need first ensure that it concentrate on building a strong brand in the US market. Though building a strong brand the company can therefore be able to achieve to capture the interest of the consumer and therefore ensure the company achieves its strategic growth objectives. According to Ryan & Jones (2012) building a strong brand can help to create the necessary emotional connections with the target consumers. Most importantly building a strong brand will help the company to compete with some of the companies that are leading in the sale of the earphone in the US market.

Adopting online sales and marketing

Online sales and marketing is current becoming one of the most important factors that helps to ensure that various business survive in US domestic market ( Donici et al.,2012). There is therefore need for the company to adopt the online sales and marking strategies in order to ensure it reaches its target consumers. In this case the company needs to set up a website that has an accurate reflection of the company goals and objectives.


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