Crt 205 Deductive Reasoning

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23 March 2016

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The important part of knowing and understanding the facts before making a decision is to make the right decision with the information that you already know. Without this, you can easily make a rash decision that could have consequences you did not think of before. For example in the third argument Mark was looking at a new Jeep as it would let him get his dream car and have room for a new baby. One factor to consider however; is if they plan on having more than one kid in the future. If they decide to have more kids then they will easily run out of room in a Jeep and they would be in the same predicament as they are currently in. Looking at the fifth argument Jenna is in a situation where she can cheat to keep up with her schooling or try to complete all of her work on her own. It is important for her to know that cheating could get her removed from school and possibly loose financial aid money if she has applied for any. It is important for her to weigh these options before considering taking the low road and using other peoples work to aid her.

The role of deductive reasoning is to take general statements or premises to reach a decision. For the fifth argument Jenna takes her friends experience into consideration when looking to cheat or not to with her class. She is going off of a general discussion with her friend and not looking further into it. This is deductive reasoning as she is not using any numbers or facts to support the argument. The process of deductive reasoning helps one understand an argument by putting the argument into normal terms that many people can understand or reason with. Without the use of facts or statistics it is easy to follow ones on opinion or a paraphrase of what the facts are without them being clearly stated. This is shown in argument three I believe. The argument shows that advantages of owning a home but making changes to one’s house is not always possible if you live in an area where the HOA controls what decorations or wattage lights you can use outside of your house. It all comes down to what you have experience and if you trust the generalized statements that you hear for an argument.

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