Daily Lives

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1 March 2016

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WW1 had just ended and the soldiers who were fighting were returning home. When the men returned home they found things were much different than when they had left, women were working. Transitioning was very difficult for the men because they were used to the women cleaning and cooking, not getting ready for work. It was very hard for a husband and wife to both get ready for work in the morning but with all the new inventions such as the hairdryer and the electric razor it made getting ready for work much faster and easier. Before the 1920s, women had to blow-dry their hair by inserting a flexible pipe in the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner. In 1920, the first hair dryer was invented. Women were so excited even though the machine was not quit designed well, and got overheated easily, it was still better than using a vacuum cleaner! For the men the first electric razor was a revolutionary invention. As one could shave quickly without using soap, or water, electric razors grew in demand quickly. For breakfast they could simply put a piece of bread into the pop up toaster.

It was a quick easy meal to eat before work. After a long day at work the family can come home and sit in their recliners and quickly eat a frozen food dinner so they would be on time for their favorite radio station, KDKA on the radio together. After eating breakfast, they would get in their car and drive to work. By late 1920s, the automobile had confidently proven itself as the newest and most popular means of road transportation. The invention of the automobile made it much easier and quicker to drive to work, rather than walking or driving a buggy.

Because of the invention of the automobile it made it conceivable to live a further distance from work, making the option of different career choices available, and possibly better jobs. The invention of the car radio was very enjoyable while on their way to work and once again they could listen to KDKA on the radio. The traffic signal was very helpful and after they were invented and put into use there was a decrease in the number of accidents that frequently occurred because of missed communications between drivers. Working conditions in the early part of the 20th century were dirty, crowded, and dangerous. Factory jobs were booming, and more families were moving to the cities to find opportunities. The reason the factory jobs were going so quickly was because of the need for assembly line workers. People could also work in construction companies and now were able to use the huge shovel called the bull dozer instead of using the shovel manually. This was a big time saver for the construction companies. Also the Radial Arm Saw was invented and was used for cutting long pieces of lumber and could also be used in construction. The men were able to do their work in more than half the time.

Plus with both of this invention it helped alleviate people having as much back pain. The jobs of detectives became more efficient because of the invention of the lie detector. The device measured the heartbeats and breathing rate of a person in order to check whether the person was lying. With the invention of the Audiometer it made the results of a hearing test more efficient and made it easier doctors to evaluate hearing loss. In the 1920s when 3-D movies were coming out and the radio had just been invented people were happy as their social life was booming. People were using instant cameras, and loud speakers were being used at sporting events. One of the most exciting inventions for people was when they went to a carnival they could have the thrill of their life by riding the famous Tilt -a – Whirl for the first time. It changed their life in several ways such as making thing faster and easier and more efficient, and way more exciting. Technology has changed a lot since the 1920’s and continues to change daily. I hope the United States continues to have entrepreneurs who never give up trying to make new technology that can better the world and help those who live in it. http://www.ask.com/question/transportation-in-the-1920s

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