Death memoir of Emperor Constantine the great

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20 October 2015

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Death memoir of Emperor Constantine the great


            I was born on February 22nd 272 in a place known as Naissus in Serbia. My father was the Roman Emperor by then but he later died. I was not the one who was supposed to take the position of the Emperor because there was a well- established system of succession but my soldiers declared me as their leader and I had no option but to take the seat of the Roman Emperor in 306. I ruled for many years where I have many achievements and failures. My time has come to leave this world and the leadership of this world to other people but I found it important to write this memoir for those who do not know me well and the generation to come.

            Political field was my area of dominance for the years that have been in this world, I have many achievements in this field of politics which have helped the Roman Empire to be in the position it is currently. When I took the seat of the Emperor of Roman, there were many Emperors that were ruling different parts of Roman territory and thus it was not easy to administer the area well (Hartley, 2006). I decided to conquer all those empires and I united Roman Empire as one territory. This brought stability to the whole territory because all the operations of the Empire were controlled from the capital of the empire which was Rome. My second step in my leadership role was the introduction of a new capital of the Roman Empire. I was a bright leader and I knew how to focus on the future, this is why I figured out that Rome was not strategically advantaged especially in the time of war and that is why I decided to build Constantinople city which became the capital of Roman Empire. When the war arose between Rome and Italy I was able to defend the territory through the new capital because it was strategically positioned and thus is was easy to defend. My political leadership helped Roman Empire to experience the best time of stability ever in its history

            Besides being a political leader, I also put my concern to major issues in the society like art and architecture. My predecessors Emperors did not consider this issue with a lot of seriousness and as a result of that, during my time the art and architecture of the territory had decreased at a very high rate. I decided to revive the art of the Empire and that is where I went to the city of Greece and robed them all their finest art. I took the finest work of art to the artist who had remained and the one who were coming up in my Empire. This became source of inspiration to many artists and thus the work of art was revived again. The city of Constantinople was one of the cities at that time which had the highest level of architecture; this was as a result of my work of bringing architecture from the town of Greece to help in the building of the city. The arch of Constantine is also one of the greatest works that shows the level I took architecture during my reign (Kousoulas, 2007).

            If I am not wrong, people will remember me because of the role I did in religion more than the one I played in politics. Worship of idol gods was the most common type of religion in the Empire but I overcame all the pressure of those religions and I introduced Christianity which I believe in near future will be the largest religion in the world. I also brought order in Christianity where I came with Sunday as the official day of worship instead of Saturday which was there before. I brought the idea of pope in the church and the respect of priest and bishops. I did a lot of work to harmonize Christianity and politics and it was also one of the reasons why the Empire was very peaceful during my time. I had put Christianity ahead of my army because I knew very well that Gods protection was more than millions of soldier’s protection and that is why I introduced the revenue collection initiative in order to support the Christianity especially the clergy. However, despite all the good things I deed during my time, I am sorry to say that there are some things that history will judge me harshly for. I introduced Christianity in the Roman Empire because of my political gain but not because of the love of God. I measured the progress of other Emperors who ruled a head of me and a saw that the only way I could survive in the leadership position is by introducing Christianity in the territory (Holloway, 2007). Many people will judge me not because of introducing Christianity but because of my intentions. I persecuted many Protestants who were against the idea of Catholics and that will also be the harshest judgment I will receive. As I leave this world, I would like to advise my successor to continue with my achievements and to rectify my failures.


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