What has our nation come to? Separating children from their parents. Aren’t children in America a number one priority? It’s clear that illegal immigrants looking for an immigration reform is a huge issue, there are many things holding our nation back from giving the ones in need one. Perhaps, Terrorist Threat, Economic Reasons & even Violence. However, it’s time that justice has to be made for those who come to this country to make a better future for their families. Over a decade illegal immigrants have been discriminated, being called “illegal aliens” and mistreated for only coming to this country to give their family a better place to live. It is unfair how adults are trying to build up a better life for themselves, having children in this country and getting deported. This affects children in many ways emotionally & mentally.

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It is obvious that America has been deporting these “aliens” as easy as one, two, three just thinking about their benefit but not thinking of the children who are being separated from their parents. The government believes keeping illegal “aliens” out will prevent Terrorist attacks and Economic issues, when the truth is they are only affecting our own nation. Deportations leave many U.S.-citizen children with unauthorized parents in foster care, “often for no other reason than the undocumented status of a parent,” at a cost of nearly $26,000 per year for each child. Nowadays the cost of deporting a single person back to their native homeland reaches tens of thousands. Instead of the government saving up money, they are only wasting it on an issue that can simply be solved if we understood the magnitude of how complicated is to deport people back to their countries.

Daily, unauthorized immigrants live in constant fear of deportation, which creates a large number of single mothers struggling to make ends meet after the deportations of their husbands most of the time. Many families struggle day by day, to make the money they make in working in fields or as house keepers. Illegal immigrants are people who are desperate for a better life they are people who are thinking of the better life they can have for their children, it is simply not fair that we deport them leaving them no chance to ever come back and/or start over and help their kids. They are also humans like us that deserve respect and an opportunity to live and seek for their own dreams. Many people who agree that deportation is something that must be done haven’t been through or seen what immigrants have been through and that’s why it makes it so easy for you guys to say yes they should be kicked out of the USA. How would you feel if other countries didn’t want you in their country either? What if the US was much more poor and you couldn’t find a decent job anywhere here how would you feel? A various amount of people are simply racist or immature, they don’t realize how much stress these illegal immigrants have in their back, to push their families forward.

My mom came here for my sake. Here I am getting an education, I’m in high school, doing a speech on “Illegal Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Deported.” It has made me realize I have a really good life here. I’m a junior, perceiving my dream to go to college and become part of the strategic response unit. My mom is the one supporting me along the way since we’ve been here, she’s a perfect example of an honest immigrant worker who I look up to because she came here to give me a better future. My mom left everything behind in search of a better life for us but also to send money to our family back in El Salvador. Many Immigrants leave for a whole lots of reasons, jobs, money, housing, you name it. I dare say, I know a few that are willing to do jobs that nobody I know will even think about. So now they have gone through a lot to get here, what have they done? Found a job to provide for a family. Why send them back to something they are trying so badly to get away from? If you don’t want them to be a drain on society, let them find a job somewhere and pay taxes, give them a set of rules to live by? Why be the bad guy and say you can’t live here we don’t want you? Seems kind self-defeating if you ask me. The US helps every country on the planet to fight its battles, eliminates the bad guy, helps the downtrodden, but a few people that come across the border is a problem? Immigrants shouldn’t be deported when they came here looking for a better life.

What do you have against them? Illegal immigrants are the huge part of the economy. If we stop deporting them we can realize that they take jobs no one else would take (janitors, gardeners, farmers, garbage cleaners, cleaners, nannies, textile mill workers…Etc.) They are important labor. Also, most don’t do anything wrong…Just seeking a better life. If they work, they should be paying taxes like the rest of the American people. And plus, deporting them is only going to cost more money. So why send them back when they can take on jobs here that other people wouldn’t normally do? Not only does it benefit them, it can benefit us, well, financially.

This being said, I am here standing up for not only the illegal immigrants who are being deported daily but also for children who are separated from their parents and are affected in major way. Preventing Deportation, and just letting honest illegal immigrants work here and be with their families is what should be done. Taking special measures to keep them here not only for their own benefit but also for our nations own good to prosper and build up a better place for everybody. Therefore, I can’t wait for the day illegal immigrants will stop fearing of being deported back to their countries and being separated from their children. I look forward the day my mom could leave this country without a fear of not coming back. I look forward the day my mom will see her family after being here 10 years now. I look forward the day there will be equality for every ethnicity.

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