Describe with examples how different aspects of development can affect one another

Example 1

A family of four attends a large family gathering. Their new addition to their family is 6 month old “Emily”. This “Emily’s first time out with people other than her family. While she is with her family, “Emily is happy, smiling and making cooing and babbling noises. She is aware and alert with the new environment that surrounds her, she is she moves her arms and legs vigorously to show her excitement. As this is her first social outing, she gets upset when someone she is not familiar with talks to her or plays with her. She starts to cry as this her way of showing that she is not familiar with this person and may be a little scared. Emily’s emotions affects her communication.

Example 2

“John” is seventeen from a low wage, single parent family. He has a part-time job while studying to help out his mother financially. Unfortunately the Manager undermines, bullies him and takes credit for his work. “John” who is not used to dealing with difficult people in a working environment, may become withdrawn and quiet. He may keep his feelings towards his Manager to himself as he is afraid that he might lose his job that he desperately needs. Emotionally he feels depressed and unworthy. He is seen as ‘the man of the house’ and feels he cannot communicate his problems to his mother as he doesn’t want her to have the added pressure of dealing with his problem.

His studying may also suffer as he worries about his mother’s financial situation and also his situation at work. Socially he has withdrawn from his friends as they may realise something is wrong is embarrassed to talk to them about it. Intellectually, his studies would have suffered as a result of his manager bullying and undermining him as he cannot concentrate.

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