During my time as a child, I remember visiting so many places with my family throughout Southern California. One of the best memories was when I visited Lake Arrowhead. Located in the beautiful mountains of San Bernardino, Lake Arrowhead is a tiny city where every family would enjoy living in. Not only is Lake Arrowhead Village a great place to live but great place to enjoy nature’s beauty at any time of the day. I remember Lake Arrowhead for its beautiful scenery, it is family-oriented, and it has many outdoor activities.

While visiting Lake Arrowhead in the winter time, I fell head over heels with the beautiful scenery that nature brought upon my eyes. As I arrived to the house in the evening, I looked up and I was able to see the stars that lit up the sky above me. As I walk down to the lake, I was able to hear the crickets’ chirping and the owls hooting as they hear the crackling of the snow that I’m stepping upon. As I look through the horizon of the snow, I saw the never ending slope falling towards the lake that apparently was frozen. As I sat on one of the unfrozen steps, I looked up once again, and I see the beautiful full moon sitting on a cloud. The stars shined even brighter when the moon glistened its light down to Earth. The lake looked
really calm and I only saw a couple of ripples being caused by a female duck and her ducklings swimming in the middle of the lake.

In the morning when I looked outside the window, the sun shined beautifully through the icicles that dangled down the side of the house. When I drove down to the city, you can see the cities that are at sea level. As I continued looking down, I see the clouds climbing up the mountains. And as I reach out of the car’s window, I can feel the refreshing mist that touches my fingertips. The scenery of the cities down below can’t no longer be seen because of the clouds the cover the scene like a blanket that stretches miles away across the sky. While walking through the forest, the leaves kept falling one by one. As the night approaches once again, the sunset looks like if someone painted it precisely to appear like an orange-ish and purple like sky as it gets darker every second it passes.

Besides having beautiful scenery, Lake Arrowhead is family-oriented. While spending the weekend in Lake Arrowhead, I got to spend plenty of time with my family. In The Lake Arrowhead Village my family and I got to eat in a Mexican oriented restaurant called “Papagayos”. While eating in Papagayos, I got to talk with my family about many situations that we never had spoken about. For instance, I talked about what I thought I should do as my career. My family supported my decision and is helping me get to it. We also got a chance to explore their outdoor mall.

There are many events in The Lake Arrowhead Village that are family oriented, such as family talent shows. Every Saturday, there is a competion for almost everything. There are times where they open up a fair close to the village for the weekend. Me and my brothers got to play many of the games and won many prizes. In Lake Arrowhead, there are many fun activities all over for families to enjoy their time no matter in what season we are in.

Besides having a beautiful scenery and being family-oriented, Lake Arrowhead has many types of outdoor activities throughout the entire year. During spring time, you can jog for miles while enjoying the warm sun rays hitting your back. You can also hike between make of the resorts that provide mountains that are safe to climb. During the summer time, you can enjoy your time playing many sports such as volleyball. You can also spend your time on your private boat and swim in the lake whenever there are heatwaves. Many people get their tan whenever the sun is really bright. In fall,

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