Descriptive Essay Topics

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

As well as any other term paper, a descriptive essay is supposed to inspire a college student to provide the audience with a vivid experience. However, apart from other types of essays here you are not supposed to use statistics, charts or facts regarding the subject. The key idea is to describe the topic, and do it in detail. It’s quite normal to rely on your own observation skills, as every individual notices different things, and all of these elements are perceived differently by every person. What matters the most, when writing a descriptive essay, is to choose an object that you can have fun depicting.

How to Start a Descriptive Essay

The first thing a student needs to do is to make up his mind what he is eager to describe. It can be either a place or a person, or it can be something more peculiar like a painting, or a sculpture depending on the class you need this essay for. You can use your own experience from real life as well as any object that is of great interest to you. Try to focus on the object and take a mental picture of it while portraying and writing your paper. Such essays are perfect when it comes to exercising students’ imagination and creativity, finding symbols, and looking for hidden meanings.

Descriptive Essay Topics and Examples

  1. A street that leads to your home or school
  2. Your favorite food
  3. The inside of a spaceship
  4. The scene at a concert or athletic event
  5. An art exhibit
  6. An ideal apartment
  7. Your old neighborhood
  8. A small town cemetery
  9. A pizza
  10. A pet
  11. A locker
  12. An accident scene
  13. A city bus or subway train
  14. An unusual room
  15. A child’s secret hiding place
  16. A bowl of fruit
  17. An item left too long in your refrigerator
  18. Backstage during a play or a concert
  19. A vase of flowers
  20. A rest room in a service station

Descriptive Essay Outline and Format

Considering the fact, descriptive essay is a unique type of a term paper, the structure also differs from the one you are used to. It traditionally contains the following points:

  • Introduction (explain why you have chosen this particular object)
  • Body (usually contains 2-3 paragraphs featuring a vivid portrait, a vivid description of the surrounding atmosphere and emotional background)
  • Conclusion (why the object I important for the reader)

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