Descriptive Writing

The much publicized meteor shower has finally arrived and is a much anticipated awaited aesthetic show. As I’m observing the dark night sky waiting for the gorgeous meteors to enter Earth’s atmosphere, I see the sensational stunning spectacular sparkling stars. While sitting on my porch in the small town of Malton, I hear a small owl chirping on my backyard tree and the soothing summer breeze gusting throughout the trees. I can hear the constant chatter of my neighbours as they eagerly wait for the show to begin. This being my first meteor shower observation, I feel really happy and believe that this is going to be an amazing show that I wouldn’t miss for the world. The meteor shower is starting and I’m full of enjoyment, gazing at the sky, I see meteors enter Earth’s atmosphere at a tremendous rate, the beautiful sky is lit up with different colours; orange, blue and a bit of purple. The bright strands of light are appealing to the human eye. While meteors are falling every 10-20 seconds, they hardly make a sound. My family comes onto the porch gawking at the meteors, both them and I are watching in enjoyment. My dad brings out his camera and takes numerous pictures of the beautiful sight. The meteor shower finishes, my family goes inside gossiping about the show and how they won’t see it again, I on the other half stay outside and glance at the Big and Little Dipper. The stars start to vanish and I go inside to reminisce with my family and neighbours the next day. In conclusion, this is a moment that will be cherished in my memories for a lengthy period of time and I will surely share these breathtaking sights with my children.