Determining Databases and Data Communications

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18 March 2016

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Getting organized and planning ahead for trade shows is critical to a successful showing. As the marketing assistant for XYZ Consumer Electronics Company, I have a number of tasks to complete for the trade show booth setup. There several ways, in which the equipment, components, shippers and shipments can be categorized, cataloged and tracked. This can be done either by entering the information into a data base to print an itemized report or plug in the information into the respective fields in an Excel Spreadsheet. To determine the best way of managing the trade show booth below is a list of things to keep in mind about the components, equipment, shippers, shipment, and time to assemble the pertinent equipment for display. The first steps in preparing for a trade show would be:

•Select space and determine size of footprint based on the equipment and components
•Prepare your budget
•Determine exhibit needs and objectives
•Select primary vendors (transportation company, installation/dismantle)
•Identify promotions and/or give-away items
•Produce show literature and marketing materials
•Plan in-booth audio visual programs and presentations/demonstrations The typical fields needed to track the Components would be:
•The Name of component
•The quantity of each item
• the size of each item or carton
• the weight of each pallet or item
• how long it takes to unload the components
• the length of time needed to set up
•How long it takes to break down
•Tools required for each piece
The typical fields needed to track the Equipment would be:
•Quantity of pieces of equipment
•Which container has each piece of equipment
•The placement of the piece of equipment once it arrives at the show
•The cost of each piece of the equipment (in case of damage) Keeping track of the
shippers and shipments:
•The Name of the Shipper
•The Shippers phone number, address and contact person
•Tracking number or Pro number
•What the Travel time and estimated date and time of arrival
•What the Travel time to and from the location would be
•The Container Company – Insurance information in case of damage in transit
•The Quantity of pieces per container
•The Quantity of containers containing goods (numbering or color coding would be helpful as a reference on an Excel spreadsheet)
•The Date and time container was loaded
Having all of the above listed information, a check list can be created either in a data base or on an excel spread sheet to make sure all of the needful items make it to the trade show. With numerous items, multiple containers and possibly different arrivals of these items a check list would make the process easier. A database system is one option that could be used in this situation, or if one would be more comfortable with a spreadsheet. We all know that a database is a “self-describing collection of integrated records” (Kroenke, 2012, p. 101). A data base could be useful whereas you can print different reports, store all the information on the components and equipment for you and others to access whether at the trade show or in the office. A database is meant to collect, filter and report data quickly. The information entered into the database can be used to populate spreadsheets, import and export data between word processing and excel.

As well as the ability to create reports that take less time and effort then putting together and manually entering an excel spreadsheet. It will enable you to integrate various departments like procurement, finance, traffic and the trade show team members into the process. Database provides up to date information, and the data is in a consistent format (Kavanagh 2002, 7-11). I would choose to use an enterprise database over a personal database. They both have the same functionality and data modifications, but the enterprise database also has additional networking capabilities. The decision support system (DSS) I would chose to work on for this as well as other projects would be ACT!. It works with the daily business tools such as Windows, MS Office, Outlook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and has been integrated with our Quickbooks accounting system. With this accessibility it provides visibility to open quote, payment status, sales orders, purchase orders, a full customer view and the list goes on. A few of the highlights that are

•Group Scheduling
•Group Dashboards and Reports
•Enhanced Security Settings
•Advanced Admin Options
•HTML5-based Mobile Included
•Hosting Options Available
Scenario Two
As the manager of a small consulting business, that has some of my employees working from home while others are in the office, it is important that we are able to communicate with each other and to our customers. Technology has provided new tools in the industry that has made it convenient to communicate through video conferencing, voice calls, e mails, and instant messaging. Having half of my employees telecommuting the best option for the company would be to have a WAN. A WAN will allow computers in different locations all to be connected to the network and have the ability to share information. While a LAN, would only be able to share the information with the computers on the network at that specific location. LANWAN

Local reachGlobal reach
Internal networkInternational network
Relatively simpleRelatively complex
Simple to InstallProfessional installation required
The need and the benefits of having a wireless network for my small business: •Convenience – Being able to access your network resources from any location within your wireless network’s coverage area. •Mobility. The ability to go online anywhere and with different devices, not being tied to your desk. •Easy setup – No string cables, so installation can be easy and cheap. •Expandable – Can expand wireless networks with existing equipment. •Security – wireless networks provide enhanced security protections. VPN uses a “virtual” connection through the internet from my company to my telecommuting employee’s. This is helpful to my company’s security because the data will be encrypted for anyone trying to intercept the information.


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