Development through the life stages P2

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26 February 2016

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The causes of the life factor Down Syndrome Foetal alcohol syndrome Bullying Peer groups Smoking The effect on the development on an individual (PIES)The physical side effect to a child with down syndrome is that they have a small nose and they have a flat nasal bridge, they also have a small mouth, their eyes slant either upwards or downwards. They have weak muscle tone which means they are very floppy; they have big hands and have short fingers. They may have a weight problem which will cause them to put on weight and will affect how they do activities if they start to get overweight and be limited in what they do. They may share physical features from their parent which will make them different. For intellectual, the child may develop a lot of mental health issues while they grow older, many of them face having anxiety, repetitive and obsessive compulsive behaviours. For emotional, they may develop behaviours that could affect their emotions, they may start to get frustrated at the fact they are delayed with their communication.

For social, they are not very confident and people will need to get them to interact with other people and get them into social groups.The physical side effect is the child will have low birth weight, their body features will not be fully developed which will mean they will have a small head, a flat face with a snub nose, they will also have a thinner top lip, they will also have widely spaced eyes. They may develop general or specific learning difficulties. For intellectual, the child may develop a few learning difficulties which will include poor memory, they also have difficulty to understand concepts such as the time and counting money. They also have bad language. For emotional, the child will have a lot of behavioural problems and for this they become hyperactive, they don’t have the ability to concentrate, they have a lot of anxiety and are very stubborn. For social, they have a lot of socialization problems which causes difficulty to build and maintain friendships.

The physical side effect is that it can affect the way a person can act, they may resort into eating disorders especially girls. There may be the physical signs, for example bruising around the neck or arms, also scratches and scars. For intellectual, this can affect the way they are towards education if they are being bullied during school, they will not want to attend school so they can get away from the bullies, this will then effect there future. For emotional, it is an emotional distress, which will cause a lot of physical and emotional pain to them. For social, this will affect how they will interact with other people; due to them being bullied they may find it hard to trust other people and to also want to become friends in case they are bullied again. This will affect how they develop in the future because they may start to isolate themselves from people if they believe they are not strong enough to stand up for themselves.

The physical side may have positive and negative sides to peer groups, if you’re in a group and everyone in the group is skinny, it may lead to that person losing weight in a way they should which would affect the body functioning. For intellectual, the groups may tend to be distracted with work which will allow them to fall behind on their work and affect their future. For other groups, it may be different and they may all work together to help each other with work and to achieve what they came to education for. For emotional, the groups may lead to becoming violent towards other people which will bring out aggression in them, they may also have a friendly group which won’t do any harm to people. For social, being in groups will give them the opportunity to develop their social skills, which includes leadership, teamwork or sharing.

The physical side effect is they will have a reduce the performance at all the physical training they will do. They have a higher risk of heart attacks/ strokes and will have a higher heart resting rates than non-smokers. It may also affect the financial strain which will cause more worry on a person especially if they have low income. For intellectual, smoking will lead a person to not concentrate for long; it may also lead for the person to be affected mentally. For emotional, the smoking will relieve the stress that they will be building up. For social, it can be a social activity which people will be able to interact with one another when they are outside smoking, sometimes depending on the people, it may cause negativity on relationships. Can the factor be identified before the birth of a babyAntenatal screening can be given at 13 weeks to determine the likelihood of the baby developing or developed the condition. When the women goes for her monthly check-ups, they can notice the child’s development growth and they will know when the baby is born whether they have been drinking throughout the process of the pregnancyThis factor cannot be identified before the birth because it is the society and the environment around them that will cause this.This factor cannot be identified because it’s the environment and the friendships that the person will develop when they are in education.The cannot be identified because they are either brought up with a family smoking which will make them more likely to smoke or they want to smoke because other people are smoking.

How many the factor influence the life of an individualAll people will down syndrome depending on the condition may be able to live separate from their parents, they may find it difficult to cope but they could get a little bit of work to help them be like other people and not be different. Sometimes they get married and will live their lives.Most adults who have a drinking problem will need help to get them back on track and to be able to look after their child without them resorting back to alcohol. They can get lots of supervision help which they will be able to make day to day decisions with themFor some people, if they were bullied at a young age, it may affect the way they will interact with other people and will tend to isolate themselves, they are at a higher risk of having anxiety or depression. But if the bullying for them was a short term memory, they will forget about what has happened and will carry on with their lives.

Depending on how the group has been, if the group had a negative affect then that person may be rude, mean and harsh to other people just like they have grown up doing with in their group. But if there was a positive affect then the person will stay the kind, innocent person they were which will give them more of a social life.Smoking may cause long term effects especially if they are addicted to it, some people along the way may develop cancer which is caused by the smoking which will lose their independents, depending on the condition it may lead to them not being able to live on their own. Care needs to be fulfil individual needsBoth children and adults both need regular check-ups to see how they are getting on and to monitor their health. They may develop some certain health problems and with the check-up doctors will be able to do something about it.

The children may need help if they have learning difficulties, they will be able to have someone to keep close eye on them and to make sure that they are progressing, for the adults they will need help in controlling their drinking problem if they have one and to understand the damages that has happened.Any person will be able to receive counselling if they believe they cannot get over it and will need to open up about how they feel, also having a friendly face who had not bullied the person could help to open up and talk about what had happened. Parents are the people who will be able to influence the child to change the way they were and to not be who they are or how they are turning into. This is when they will need to have someone to be there for them so they are able to open up about how they feel and to let all their aggression outThere can be talking therapies which will help change a person’s thinking and acting towards the smoking and change it positively to help them cut smoking and eventually quit.

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