Draft Statistics on Health Care Prescription Errors

Relation between Error in Healthcare prescription and the inconsistency in Technological information

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Background Information

       A lot of errors are occurring within the healthcare field lately. They are a result of many factors. Among the principle causes of error are related to wrong prescriptions. As indicated by Benjamin (770), one of the elements that is playing a key role ion this is the use of advanced technological methods. Computers have been used to aid in the computerized entry of prescription orders. Depending on the intensity of the prescription, they can result in serious injuries on the patient or even lead to fatality incidences. In turn, they lead to unnecessary court cases and legal suits that eventually cost many healthcare institutions and practitioners a lot of money that is paid to cater for the damages (Carroll 52-8). As such, there is a need to study the main causes of wrong prescription to ensure that such avoidable consequences are kept at their possible minimal rates. The main questions that will be answered in this study include:

       What are the most common types of error in healthcare prescriptions?

       What kind of information technology is used in the provision of proper prescription?

       Are there specific errors that are related to inconsistently provided information in the same prescription order entry?


       In this study, both primary and secondary data collection methods will be employed. It will include the use of surveys for the collection of first-hand information. In this sense questionnaires and interviews from the participants will also be used to gather information for the data. For accuracy and proper validation, these will be combined with secondary sources such as the national health statistics (Wu, Pronovost, Morlock 88).

Data analysis

       In this study, the..method of data analysis will be used. The method mainly….


       Previous research performed on this topic revealed that…..Thus, in relation to this study, it was evident that…..


       It is important that the laid down professional ethics are adhered to in different fields. This is especially within the medical field where a slight mistake can lead to devastating consequences. Therefore, healthcare providers are always obligated to use the knowledge that they acquired in their studies as well as new knowledge and practices appropriately. They should ensure that drugs are prescribed in the most proper ways to avoid errors. In particular, computerized drug entries should be counterchecked to eliminate disparities. However, owing to the continuous change in the nature of disease processes and hence the production of advanced drug formulas, there is need to conduct more research. These will provide more guidance to guarantee safe drug prescription by providers of healthcare services using new technological methods.


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