Eco 372 Week 4

My parents chose Forest Ridge because of the small class sizes and the low teacher to student ratio (Petner, 2013). I did not really realize that I was at Forest Ridge for 10 years, but it was time for graduation on June 5, 2010(**School Report Card, 2010**).

My entire graduation class, which was 21 students, was the largest graduation class in the 25-year history of Forest Ridge Academy. As my classmates enjoyed their summer off, we had chosen different paths for high school. Many students went to Marion Catholic High School, a few went to Morgan Park Academy, several other’s went to public high schools, but the most important group decided to come to La Lumiere (Petner, 2013).

As a sophomore this 2013-2014 school I honestly can say that I made the right choice in La Lumiere. My father James Petner was born October 6, 1967 ironically we share the same birthday, I was born on his 30th birthday, what a huge birthday present he always tells me. James comes from a large Catholic family where he has two brothers and three sisters.

After meeting my mother my father enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served 20 years for our great country. He is currently employed as an operation/logistics manager in East Chicago, Indiana (Petner, 2013). My mother Christina Petner has only two siblings a brother and a sister, her entire family lives within a 50-mile radius. She is currently employed for H&R Block as an office manager in Crown Point, Indiana (Petner, 2013).

On my father’s side of the family there is a very interesting story of how his family left Poland and immigrated to the United States. My father’s grandfather who is called Dzadzi in Polish came to America through Ellis Island in 1901 (Ellis Island, 2010), which I saw his name on the official documents when I was there on an 8th grade field trip in 2010. My father’s grandmother, whom they call Nani in Polish, came to America in 1903.

My Dzadzi was born in Chicago; Illinois in 1933 he served in the United States Army during Korea and was a highly decorated combat veteran. After his time in the service, he made a livening as an ironworker in Chicago, and worked on the majority of the city’s skyscrapers most famously the Sears Tower. He passed away when I was two, but the stories my family tells is that if he were alive today I would be spoiled rotten according to my Grandmother (Petner, 2013). My grandmother is 80, and she is very active shopping at Wal-Mart several times a week.

On my mother’s side of the family my grandfather served in the United States Navy for several years as a postal clerk where he was stationed in San Diego, California. Enjoying the great southern California weather my grandmother, my mom, and my uncle really did not want to leave California. After my grandfather was discharged from the U. S. Navy my grandparent’s decided to relocate and settle in Chicago Height, Illinois.

My grandfather still works for the United States Postal Service, and with his military time he has hit 40 years this year (Vasquez, 2013). My grandparents were high school sweethearts just like parents are. My Great Grandmothers are still alive on my mother’s side as well. It was very interesting interviewing my family, and I hope you enjoy my story as much as I do.

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