Econ Why People Skip Class

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17 March 2016

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I have come to the conclusion that students skip classes because of their own moral beliefs and decision making process, difficulty in the class and the material, and how interested they are in the subject. The decision making is affected by influences typically from other students most of the time. To the contrary students typically use practical decision making process that range from comparing advantages and disadvantages of attending lectures, also calculating the impact of their workload, and attempting to optimize their use of time. Difficulty in the class and material stand out to be that if they don’t find the material challenging or if they are doing well in the class, they may decide to allot time they would otherwise spend on the class (including attending lectures) to classes they find more challenging, especially at the busiest and most pressure filled times of the semester.

Last and not least is the interest of the subject by the student. Its common sense that a student would attend class if his interest is high in that course, but if not interested students would tend to ‘‘slack’’ and find it easy to abolish themselves from the class, However this is beyond the professors control. Generally I have found that if a student generally finds the material the professor is teaching interesting, and he/she is able to connect with students through lecture (put in a way that makes sense), then the professor doesn’t have trouble making the material interesting for students. The opportunity cost for this hypothecs is if you don’t have good decision making, or understanding the material that’s presented to you, and not interested in the class, you are more than likely to skip classes.

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