Education is the most important factor in national development

Education is the most important factor in national development

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       Education is the most important factor in national development as has been seen in most nations in the world. Education is the process by which an individual acquires the many social and physical capabilities demanded by the society. There are very many types of education which are very vital in the development of an individual which will enable him/her transform the surrounding in which he operates. In most developed and developing nations, education has been given first priority since it is the catalyst which influences how people think and act. In the underdeveloped nations, the level of education is significantly low, and this has greatly inhibited their development. Developments in any nation require both he formal and informal educations p.3.

       Development of any nation is determined by the leaders who are in charge of managing the economic, political and social aspect of the country. Education gives people the necessary knowledge which helps the appropriate leaders for the different projects in the nation. The politics of any given nation is very fundamental because it determines the rules and regulation which guide people on how, what and which things are to be done. Educated leaders have good development agendas, and formulate policies which provide a good environment for all development projects p.6.

       Education gives people skills and knowledge that helps them in solving problems which affect them. Development involves solving the problems which affect the people and is mostly done by the educated people in any society. Educated people are able to make decisions which are both short-term and long-term so as to prevent the occurrence of any foreseen problems p.9.Education enables people to be economical and prudent on the resources which are available. Development involves the use of the scarce resources, to change the life of all the people. Education helps people acquire knowledge which help them in utilize the scarce resource for the maximum benefit of all the people p.15.

       Education enables people to be socially responsible in all that they do. Development of nation entails the use of many resources as well as interacting with people of diverse demographics. An education equips a person with the necessary attributes which enables them to be compatible with the society. Antisocial behaviors such as corruption, mismanagement, tribalism, nepotism, racism, stealing among others inhibits the development of most nations. An education helps people understand the negative impacts of these antisocial behaviors, and help them avoid practicing them. This enables accountability and transparency in all the projects which are undertaken for the development of the nations. In the underdeveloped nations, there are very high levels of antisocial behaviors and this has led to very slow development since most of the resources are not accounted forP.22.

       Education provides employment for many people which are a great economic pillar for the nation’s development. Education generates a lot of resources which are used in nation development. The infrastructural developments by the education sector are also very essential in the nation’s development p.36.


       Education is very important in the development of any nation and should be provided adequately to all people. The quality of education is the critical aspect which determines the impact of education to the nation. In order for education to be beneficial in nation development, standards and quality of education must be very high; there should be massive investment in the education sector so as to ensure everyone has access to education.


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