Effects of Mass Media

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28 February 2016

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What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media during the 20th century? One of the major developments in the 20th century had to be the revolution of the internet. With having media that would be presented at the time in which it happened, gave the American people more informative information. While many news sources chose what information was given to us, the internet gave us the ability to see firsthand what was happening not only in America but in other Countries. Having the ability to choose what we would want to research, be it; war, history etc. the 20th century made that possible for us. As it was back in the 50’s there were only 4 major news sources, and they all came to agree with what would be seen on the television in regards to news, etc. With the ability of instant messaging, it not only gave us the instant access of what may be happening, it gave us the ability to find it ourselves. Having the ability to watch different media sources on the internet, gives us the opportunity to uncover things that may not have been given to us through the mass media. There are many documentaries that are available to us, and being able to find more information on a subject that we feel is important is easily at out fingertips. Mass media has forever changed the way in which we learn, develop, and research. We have changed so much that our younger generations only know this way in which to communicate. Having so much information available has given a whole new meaning to what we watch on television to how we communicate to family that is not near. How did each development influence American culture?


With the developments of mass media it has given us many opportunities to find out information on many subjects that we may not have been able to find out so recently. As, it was back in the 50s through the 80’s mass media was what we heard on the evening news or read in the newspapers now it is at our fingertips, and we are able to find out just about anything as it happens. With the development of mass media, we can now instantly chat with someone that may be on the other side of the world. With the ability to Skype and instant message, we can share information and though it is not as personal; it is the new way to communicate. Today, the news broadcasts have changed, with the major news groups still deciding what will be on a broadcast we have the ability to find out more information on the subject at hand. There are many websites that have more information available to us that we can choose what we watch. Many people feel that they need to share more of the news media’s information which in turn gives us the ability to research a subject on our own and find what we may feel is the truth. Mass media has changed so many things, in the last century that knowing where it may end up in another century is the question. Being well informed is something that the mass media has given us, and using it to help with questions or information is now what can be expected.

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