Effects on students having relationship while studying

“A true relationship is someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you and encourages your future.” This research discuss about the effects on students having a relationship or affair to opposite sex while studying. This research will figure out many effects that may lead to a positive or negative outcome that is useful to the students themselves. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, relationship is a romantic or sexual relationship between two people.

A lot of students nowadays get involved to many kind of relationship. Somehow students are getting careless on making decisions on this topic. Due to immaturity and lack of guidance this may result to some negative and positive outcomes. Negative outcomes may be in a form in which students will get unfocused to their studies or even worst may lead to teenage pregnancy. On the brighter side, positive outcome may be in a form of serving as a inspiration and boost students determination to focus on their students to get high marks in school. It may also teach students on how to be responsible, patient and be mature on decisions they make.

Thesis Statement: I believe that the effects on students having a relationship or commitment will lead to negative outcomes. 1.1OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY
This research paper aims to:
1.Determine the effects on students having a relationship or affair on opposite sex while studying.
2. Know how far the patience of the students on their relationship is.
3. Determine how guided the students are when it comes to this issue.
4. Know the key on how to manage between studies and relationship.


Having a commitment or relationship while studying may result on students to get unfocused to their studies. 1.3RESEARCH QUESTIONS
1.Why did you decide to get involved in a commitment or relationship? 2Is having a love quarrel before taking examination affect your score? 3Does having a relationship can affect your studies?

4Does your parent know that you’re in a relationship? If so, what is their way on guiding you? 5If you we to choose between boyfriend/girlfriend and studies, what will you choose? Why? 5.1SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

There are 3 groups of people that would benefit this research. First are the students who are in a relationship, especially those who are studying at the University of San Augustine, Iloilo, because this research will help them to determine what are the effects of having a relationship to their studies. Second are the teachers, because they will know that this issue takes a big part or serves as a big factor that student get low marks at school. And for them also to be aware and to be open minded to this issue. And last, to all the parents because this research also reveals the part of the students. By this research, parents will know the thoughts of their children getting involved to this matter and to guide their children in a good and pleasing way.

We all know for a fact that teenager get involved more often to relationship than adults. It is also a reality that students get involved to negative result due to their carelessness on this issue. Tackling about this issue may contribute a lot for the students who are in a relationship in order for them to realize many things. It also each or reveal many unfold thoughts of the students. The reason why they get in a relationship and how would this effect not only their personal life but also their studies. And how their parents and the people around tem guide or influence them regarding this issue.

This topic is needed in 2 important places. 1st at the school, here the students get a lot of influence. It is where carelessness on student’s decision takes place. This research will unfold the rate of influence in every student. This research will also tell you the effects on the people around you when you decide on your relationship to someone. This will show how a love quarrel will will affect your relationship to your classmate or friends. 2nd is at home, where it all started. This research is needed to hear the voice of the students on every problem they face at home. This will answer many why’s of the topic. Like, why students get involved to this issue? Or why does student find a feeling of love and belonging to other people?

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