English Studies Reflection paper

One should assume that in taking an Intro to English course that they would be formally and informally introduced to English. However, that assumption escaped me. I didn’t know that we would explore so many avenues for English as a major, but I’m pleased that we did. This journey through the various areas of English has both enlightened me and piqued my interest. While I entered into this course feeling very confident with the path that I wanted to travel, I am now a bit more open-minded about additional ways to reach my destination; which is English Education.

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As an English teacher I can see the roles that each area of study that we covered could potentially play in education for me as well as my future students. When I consider Publishing Studies and what it has to offer, I immediately think of projects I could assign my students. Publishing studies takes a book in its skeletal state and constructs all the layers until it becomes a live and fully functioning piece of art. Publishing studies in a sense is the production phase of the books we read. It is where the book goes to develop. It starts with the brains of the operation or the writer. Once the writer creates the manuscript it is then passed on to the heartbeat of the process. There are various organs within that cause the heart to function. Those organs include the designer of the cover, the designer of the layout and even the editors. The area of production studies is a well-oiled machine working to produce the fully developed body of the writers’ creation.

However, without linguistics what words would the writer use to even create such a masterpiece?

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